Getting the Best of Bad Times

People don’t always want what’s good for them, but they like to know there’s at least some good in the bad. In a bad economy, which no one wants, the Flexible Flux Wave points to a striving for equilibrium in unemployment. … Read More

Sugar the New Cocaine?

Here’s what we at CultureWaves® (who didn’t major in neurology, pharmaceuticals, or any health related science) know: We know that we, the general public, LOVES sugar. We’ll consume it in any form we love it so much. We’ll drink it, … Read More

Because Making Sure Your Dog Stays Fit Is (More) Important.

That’s right folks, a treadmill for dogs. We won’t spend too much time on this, but it was worth a mention as a classic piece expressing the hedonistic behavior that makes up our Flexible Flux™ wave. For this ladies and … Read More

Natural Beer Promise

The natural beer promise is that its: Made From Only Natural Ingredients. Brewed Naturally. Free From Artificial Additives or Preservatives. And that’s all…verbatim. Obviously, a return to nature with or without you is in full force here. But the more … Read More

Breaking Bad News with Cute Pics

Perhaps even the most conservative of conservatives will find some humor warmth in the otherwise sad and distraught producing message. Or maybe you’ll just succeed in pissing someone off if he/she finds the attempt offensive and rude. For the messenger … Read More

Snus: Smoke Free, Nicotine Free, AND Organic!

Since the product hasn’t hit the American market just yet, we’ll clearly define it here: Snus is tobacco that comes in a pouch and is placed inside the cheek, delivering shots of far stronger nicotine than offered by smoking a … Read More

Quack Health Foods Are Big Business

So we spend billions of dollars every year on foods that either falsely claim or imply to be healthy on their labels and packaging. Damn. The media preying on the vulnerable, naïve and nutritionally uneducated? No way! Unfortunately, it’s far … Read More

The Kind Captors: The Other side of Somalian Piracy

Somalian pirates have gained worldwide infamy after the recent hi-jacking of the oil tanker The Sirius Star.  Aboard the 150 million dollar Saudi super tanker is a 100 million dollars in Saudi Oil. The Somali pirates have now placed a … Read More

Here’s to Your Health: Students Develop Cancer Fighting Beer

Researchers at Rice University in Texas may have created the best excuse to down a cold frosty one yet.   The group of young students designed a genetically modified yeast that can ferment beer and produces the chemical resveratrol, a … Read More

Will Big Steel Become an Environmental Hero?

A study published in Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research demonstrates that a byproduct of steel production commonly known as slag may be key to reducing green house gasses. Professor Mourad Kharoune’s research suggests a new method to sequester, or capture, … Read More