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Managing internal approval: “I want some good stuff even in my bad stuff.”™


Food And Mood Link

This recent study won’t be a shock to most people. Apparently they’ve scientifically proven that eating junk food is linked to far higher rates of depression. “The study, carried out at the University of...


YouTube Interventions

Here’s something that takes viral marketing in an interesting direction. In fact, I’d go so far as to call it guerrilla marking. “Forever Wild, a rhino protection initiative created a campaign called “YouTube Interventions.”...


The “Artisan” Craze

USA today recently had a good article on the explosion of “Artisan” products that has taken place recently. Tostitos Artisan Recipes chips? C’mon really? Everyone from Domino’s to Starbucks is cashing in on the...


Fresh Vending

On-the-go snacking has being going through it’s awkward “healthier options” overhaul phase for quite a while now.  Don’t get me wrong I think it’s much needed… I mean, you just need to see a...


Oh Snap! Supercandy!

Want to understand Flexible Flux™?  Here is a perfect example of something that would fit into this wave. “Supercandy”!!  While the makers of Snap don’t deny that this is candy… they are no strangers...