Surely You Can Watch It Another 500 Times

Just when you were sure that the Star Wars industry was limited to more toys, posters, shirts, electronic gadgets, cloths, food, and everything else except for more Star Wars movies, George Lucas announces that he is releasing another version of … Read More

Kanye Fires Back After Insinuations of Ghost Blogger

If you are not a frequent visitor to Kanye West’s blog or have never checked out his site you would probably be surprised at how fashion forward and design savvy Mr. West’s postings are. Designer sofas form Italy, Items from … Read More

Chinese Universities Prepare More Graduates for U.S. Ph.Ds

The Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology compiled data from a survey conducted by the U.S. National Science Foundation and concluded that Tsinghua University and Peking University in China now have the highest numbers of graduate students who went … Read More

The NASCAR Chopper

Well, in case Nascar Chocolate Bars aren't enough, among the other slew of NASCAR products, now you can get a bike that’s embellished with the ever-popular racing brand. Destination Daytona commissioned the bike, made by Thunder Mountain Custom Cycles, and … Read More

Feeding Frenzy: The World Waits for iPhone 3G

The iPhone 3g is causing a worldwide feeding frenzy. We knew that the new 3g iPhone was going to be popular from the first day we saw it. Especially when we found out that the 2.0 model of Apple’s revolutionary … Read More

The Versatile Potato

The successful British potato chip manufacturer Tyrrell is branching out into other potato related areas, namely vodka. They have begun production of a high end artisanal potato vodka that will be made from potatoes that are too small to make … Read More

It Isn’t Their Music That Makes Them Immortal

Guitar Hero has reached critical mass and is exploding beyond the game that created it. McFarlane Toys released photos of the first in a line of Guitar Hero action figures planned for release in the fall. Axel Steel is the … Read More

Campaign Cola by Jones Soda

With the political circus in full swing. It seems only right that we see the “performers” for exactly what they are, brands, and the solace we get from choosing the right brand. That’s why BRAND SANCTUARY is such an appropriate … Read More

Smell Sporty

In another unlikely pairing of brand name and new product, Porsche has launched a line of men’s fragrances. The company already boasts an existing line of “gentlemen’s accessories,” such as sunglasses, watches, luggage, and clothing lines. In the articles and … Read More

Making your Comapny Pay for Wii Fit

There may be some cheerful news to those of you that work at an office where you get to bill out an allowance of fitness related activity, because if you don't like the gym but love your Wii, there's a … Read More