Brand Expansion

Monocle, the magazine turned store, is embarking on a brand proliferation path at breakneck speed. The barely two-year-old magazine extraordinaire is launching a hometown store by the same name. … Read More

Porsche Museum: Boldness in a Time of Uncertainty

Somebody should really tell Porsche that there is a recession. The new 130 million dollar Porsche Museum , located in Stuttgart, is near completion. Porsche says: Porsche fans had often expressed their wish for an inspiring place in which to … Read More

Wii Music Headed to Classrooms

I’m sure you’ve heard praise for the Wii on this blog several times, well, unless its when we talk about people injuring themselves with it. But aside from that it’s been a good little machine, opening new worlds of gaming … Read More

Free Laptop For Life

There’s no telling how far a company will go to acquire a customer’s undoubting loyalty. With a global economic recession still underway, computer maker Fujitsu Siemens has decided to throw all its chips in, betting sales will rise after launching … Read More

Google’s Image

A recent post to these blogs argues that searchwiki has features that make it overly complicated and very un-google like, the opposite of the elegant simplicity that is the hallmark of their success. I agree that this project seems a … Read More

Stickn’ With Simplicity

  Brand sanctuary is all about love. Loving a brand and respecting it for meeting your expectations, time and time again, without fail. We trust them, we’re proud of them, and we’re willing to be adventurous for them when they … Read More

Obama’s Gold Touch

  With President-elect Obama getting ready for the White House transition these coming weeks, all eyes are officially on him, his wife, his daughters, his dog, his habits, his clothing, his snacks, his clothes, his shaving cream… should I go … Read More

The iPhone and the Mass Market

I should have known, Apple has had such a golden touch in recent years that it seems inevitable that the iPhone would carve out a mass success. It seems that as the economy heads south, people have realized that they … Read More

LG Releases Second Prada Branded Phone

  Prada’s first collaboration with cell phone maker LG was a stunning success, selling over a million units. On the heels of this success LG and Prada has released the Prada II phone, the latest luxury branded cell phone to … Read More

Drag Out Your Flannels and Nirvana CD’s…Grunge is Back!

They say that the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is two weeks. When it comes to outdated fashion it may take a little longer for it to grow back into the newest trend, but rest assured … Read More