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An Apple FanGurl’s Biased Opinion

Ok. So… I will try not to be too gushy with this blog but in the interest of full disclosure…I’m a Mac Gal. To the point of totally “connecting” with my latest beau over the fact we are Apple freaks. I seriously don’t think I could date a guy that only used a PC.


Adidas “Originals” House Party

Iconic street and sportswear brand, Adidas, turned sixty this year and what better way to celebrate than to throw an old school house party! It all started with a star studded, full length video, directed by Nima Nourizadeh. the video kicked off Adidas’s highly successful “Originals” campaign, celebrating sixty years of style.


Starbucks Evolution

I did a search for the tag Brand Sanctuary™ in Neemee today and Starbucks popped up 3 times on the first page. Hmmm what are they up to?

Starbucks is going back to its “premium-coffeehouse roots — by building premium coffeehouses. The chain, in the latest attempt to negotiate its turnaround, is focusing on stores with smaller-batch coffee, community involvement and entertainment.


Brand Expansion

Monocle, the magazine turned store, is embarking on a brand proliferation path at breakneck speed. The barely two-year-old magazine extraordinaire is launching a hometown store by the same name.