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Celeb Sanctuary

The essence of Brand Sanctuary™ is “using trusted names as a shield”.  This usually means product names that we’ve grown up with, or choose to use above all others because we perceive them as...


Apple Gets Academic Approval

Apple is breaking new ground every day as more people are seeing it as a brand they can trust to take them into the technological future armed and ready for anything. This fall at Seton Hill, incoming freshmen will be supplied with both an iPad and a 13″ MacBook laptop.


Play Starcraft II, For Your Degree

I’ve talked about the game a little bit before on here, in reference to video game addiction clinics in South Korea, because South Korea loves Starcraft, enough to have television shows devoted to it. In the USA however, that feeling has been somewhat watered down. It’s still loved, but we don’t treat the score leaders like national heroes. We do now, however, offer an honors degree in playing the game.