Beyond A Brand

With the internet absolutely flooded with tributes, tweets and articles about Steve jobs and his amazing legacy…  you could be completely forgiven for not wanting to read another one. However, as long time followers of this blog would know, I’m … Read More

Domino’s Wins A Brand Champion For Life

Most companies develop “brand champions” with consistently great service, recognition of fans or even creating special VIPs of “influencers”. Nobody could have ever predicted how Domino’s Pizza’s latest brand champ came about. If you have a moment you should really … Read More

A Tale Of Good Retail

As the proud new owner of a Macbook Air 13″ I want to share my retail experience at the Apple Store because it’s a great example of Brand Sanctuary™. Lots of stores have friendly greeters, but not all have iPad … Read More

Celeb Sanctuary

The essence of Brand Sanctuary™ is “using trusted names as a shield”.  This usually means product names that we’ve grown up with, or choose to use above all others because we perceive them as “the best”.  In the world of … Read More

Would You Get A Tattoo Of your Favorite Brand?

I am one of the few people I know without a tattoo.  I just know myself too well to do something so permanent.  I’m fickle and I also know, thanks to this job, that trends come and go very quickly … Read More

New Era Enters Well.. a New Era

New Era has always had its place in pop culture, with celebrities wearing the coveted baseball caps everywhere. However, very rarely has it broken from the tried and tested formula of the baseball cap for sports teams. … Read More

Would You Like Fries With That? “I DO”

Theme weddings can be very cool. To me it seems like the perfect chance to project who you are as a couple to your family, your friends or even the world! To me a “perfect” wedding would be triumph of self-expression. … Read More

The Why Behind Why

Something that often baffles people is the question of why. We all have our reasoning behind what we do and how we do it, but people often have to pause before they can answer why. … Read More

Apple Gets Academic Approval

Apple is breaking new ground every day as more people are seeing it as a brand they can trust to take them into the technological future armed and ready for anything. This fall at Seton Hill, incoming freshmen will be supplied with both an iPad and a 13″ MacBook laptop. … Read More

The Live Action Graphic Novel; Comic Theater

So Spider-Man’s Broadway musical Turn Off The Dark is a thing. … Read More