Sugar Makes the Medicine Go Down

Sugar always does make the medicine go down, and this pharmacy has made quite a business out of it. KidsRx Pharmacy located in Brooklyn, New York will take any medicine you need and add almost any flavor or texture to it. Tantalizing your senses from any of the 800 flavors they offer, they’ll compound it into pudding or Gummi bears if that’s what you’d like. Anti-inflammatory chocolate pudding, Ibuprofen cherry flavored lollipops… … Read More

Kohler Explores Chromotherapy

Kohler are developing the concept of water and light combining to provide a very soothing and calming showering experience. Each of the four heads has 54 nozzles that cascade water for a unique and relaxing experience that integrates chromatherapy. Chromotherapy, … Read More

On the rocks. Literally.

You purists are going to love this. The ice cube has evolved into a whole new sensation, Nordic Rock is a reusable cube made out of stone. Yes, that’s right–stone cubes made from ancient pollution-free rock mined in Sweden. … Read More

A Creative Room Inspires Creative Thoughts

Do you have a creative space in your office? Maybe your office is ALL a “creative space” – lucky you! But that’s not often the case. Here’s an example of a company that must believe that decor influences the tone … Read More

Unlikely Art

We’ve all seen them. The images of bare-footed children so skinny their filth stained clothes would better fit hangers. They wear bottomless expressions of sorrow and hunger, the faces of those forced to live in squalor and filth. Violence and … Read More

Agenda Wallpaper

Wallpaper in general seems to have a somewhat granny connotation to it if you ask us. Words like “floral” and “country” come to mind for some reason. Even the most fun colored wallpaper  with Disney characters or superhero prints on … Read More

Two’s Better than One

Sight is a sensation computer companies employ to titillate their consumers. Whether it’s the LCD monitor or the Plasma, the 13 inch or the 24 inch, screen resolutions with such and such megapixels or adjustable black luminescence for ‘rich’ backgrounds, … Read More

Taste Bud Buzz

It doesn’t make you hallucinate or make you feel paranoid, and it’s not illegal, but it sure does make your taste buds buzz for an hour or so. It’s called Miracle Fruit, a small red berry that is all the rage at flavor-tripping parties in New York City and elsewhere. … Read More

The Kisai Tenmetsu: An Outlandish New Way to Tell Time; Get Numbers

The Kisai Tenmetsu watch is not just a new design, it is a totally new way to read and display time. The Watch itself is crafted from aluminum and displays time and date through a series of colored LED lights … Read More

I Feel London

Now if would just add popup photos and vids as seen in google earth, we’d truly have the ultimate entertainment guide for visitors and tourists. We forgive you though, developers, because your site lands a spot in all three … Read More