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Agenda Wallpaper

Wallpaper in general seems to have a somewhat granny connotation to it if you ask us. Words like “floral” and “country” come to mind for some reason. Even the most fun colored wallpaper  with...


Taste Bud Buzz

It doesn’t make you hallucinate or make you feel paranoid, and it’s not illegal, but it sure does make your taste buds buzz for an hour or so. It’s called Miracle Fruit, a small red berry that is all the rage at flavor-tripping parties in New York City and elsewhere.


I Feel London

Now if would just add popup photos and vids as seen in google earth, we’d truly have the ultimate entertainment guide for visitors and tourists. We forgive you though, developers, because your site...

Human Lolli’s

Human Lolli’s

 Sensory appeal is all about intensifying the experience and targeting the senses.  And this is a fabulous example of a company successfully targeting our sense of sight and taste. These new Dum Dum Pops...