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Sony Distance Alert

Sensory Appeal is one of our Waves that every quarter we find an equal amount of amazing new tech and design, and for every great piece theres something that’s a complete gimmick. Being a basic need wave, this is somewhat understandable, even more understandable seeing how most of what comes out of this wave is entertainment based.


Lights Out

If you’ve looked for a new cell phone lately, you probably walked away from the experience with your eyes crossed. Except for the high end, the differences between phones are miniscule, yet the choices seem limitless. But this one is different. It sees in the dark.


Sugar Makes the Medicine Go Down

Sugar always does make the medicine go down, and this pharmacy has made quite a business out of it. KidsRx Pharmacy located in Brooklyn, New York will take any medicine you need and add almost any flavor or texture to it. Tantalizing your senses from any of the 800 flavors they offer, they’ll compound it into pudding or Gummi bears if that’s what you’d like. Anti-inflammatory chocolate pudding, Ibuprofen cherry flavored lollipops…


On the rocks. Literally.

You purists are going to love this. The ice cube has evolved into a whole new sensation, Nordic Rock is a reusable cube made out of stone. Yes, that’s right–stone cubes made from ancient pollution-free rock mined in Sweden.


Unlikely Art

We’ve all seen them. The images of bare-footed children so skinny their filth stained clothes would better fit hangers. They wear bottomless expressions of sorrow and hunger, the faces of those forced to live...