Bacon Frenzy!!!

It's funny how you never know what you are going to find that has SENSORY APPEAL written all over. Sometimes you find things that blow your mind, and sometimes you find things that make you think….WHY? Lately I have been … Read More

Bottoms Up Doorbell

It's nice to find things as creative as the Bottoms Up Doorbell. I have always loved the sound that real crystal wine glasses make when they are clanked together and that is what makes this an excellent SENSORY APPEAL piece. … Read More

Smelly Tires?

I guess the first question I have is "Why?"  Scented tires?  Lavendar scented tires? The wait is over… now we have the  Ecsta DX Aroma made by Kumho. A grand touring all-season tire specifically designed for trend-setting, fashion-conscious drivers who … Read More

Robot Driven Eye Candy is the New Hip Hop Aesthetic

Hip Hop superstar Kanye West’s performance at the Grammys last week appealed equally to art, sci-fi and hip-hop fans alike. Backed by Daft Punk, who donned their “Tron” inspired robosuits while manning touch-screen megasampler / computer / synthesizers, Kanye performed … Read More

Philips 3DTV

Something that began to show it's face around the CES floor was the concept of 3DTV. Although I don't know any of the technical details, since I'm pretty positive this early in the game Philips doesn't want anyone to know … Read More

Sensory Guided Operation

The “Tactile MP3” has an immediate Sensory Appeal, this conceptual design is smooth and metallic on one side while the other is a soft material with raised Braille-like dots. These raised bumps allow the user to operate the device using … Read More

Shocking Games

Sometimes people need a shock to the senses.  Increasingly it seems people not only want the adrenalin rush of playing various games (computer or otherwise) they want to actually FEEL IT!! We have seen at CES this year the types … Read More

The Sweet Suite

Remember that part in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory when you think to yourself "I would live in a candy coated world?" Well thanks to the latest Godiva Chocolatier promotion for Valentines Day, you may just get your wish. The … Read More

the beat bearing sequencer

Surgical Senses

There's a unique new surgical gown that will help medical students to actually feel what it's like to go under the knife. This gown has nine zippers that point to where the surgeons need to make the cuts on the … Read More