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Surgical Senses

There's a unique new surgical gown that will help medical students to actually feel what it's like to go under the knife. This gown has nine zippers that point to where the surgeons need to make the cuts on the … Read More

Have Your Furniture and Eat It, Too

We've all seen biodegradable furniture breeze in and out of Green Hot–there's nothing really striking about that concept anymore– but what if you could eat it? Max Lamb has developed a chair that's made out of a biodegradable and edible … Read More

Seeing without Eyes

  One the greatest gifts we have received from our exploration of space are the breathtakingly beautiful images of stars galaxies and other heavenly bodies that have been captured by high powered modern telescopes. These images awe and inspire us.  … Read More

Gel Time

Part of me really wants to try this and part of me is a little weirded out.  Either way it's a perfect example of SENSORY APPEAL.  Gelicity Spa Jelly Bath is more than just another bubble bath, Gelecity transforms your … Read More

My Seven Year Old Niece Manufactures Scented Throws As Well

Infused intentionally with fruit scents by an Italian manufacturer and sold through, these scented throws could have been infused another way but then they wouldn’t be washable.  My 7-year-old niece is a manufacturer of scented throws in her own … Read More

Sensory Cigarettes

With smoking steadily losing popularity manufacturer Camel has had to find new ways of attracting customers. Their signature blend cigarettes do this by appealing to the senses with four new flavors frost, robust, mellow and infused.  Here are the descriptions … Read More

Smell the Wine…

Most people are looking for ways to intensify their wine drinking experience, the Sensory Appeal of the  Silhouette, the wine glass that lets you bury your nose in that heady aroma of the vine is ideal for dedicated wine lovers.  … Read More

Infusion Technology Used to Create Strawberries That Taste Like Chocolate

Wouldn't it be cool to bite into a strawberry but get the full on taste of chocolate!  They're actually composites of chocolate and berries created by an infusion technology, adapted for produce by a company called FCOM.  This technique is … Read More

Swiffer’s 5 Signs of Clean

When I bought this Swiffer Wet Jet, it screamed for the Sensory Appeal Wave!  Swiffer calls out 3 of the 5 senses as the product's 5 signs of Clean.  You can feel, smell, and see the results – it really … Read More