It’s common scents.

Air fresheners are traditionally marketed to and purchased by women, but many companies are realizing that both genders enjoy fresh air. … Read More

Manly Candles

I don’t want to be too harsh, I mean… each to their own, but I can’t STAND Yankee Candle. When I walk past those stores I even hold my nose. Some candles are ok, I guess, but generally I find … Read More

Warrior Strength Condoms

At first I just thought this ad was for a video game or something then I noticed that these warriors where charging out through the zipper of mens pants. “In a series of print ads created by the Buenos Aires … Read More

The Man’s Guide To Love

The life evidence we have in the Guys and Dolls™ wave is the either very masculine or very feminine.  For the guys examples we have super macho stuff like the Dr. Pepper 10 campaign. I’m so happy to have found … Read More

Face Scanning For Gender Biased Advertising

Science fiction is becoming fact, faster than you may think. It seems a children’s charity called Plan UK has a campaign, called “Because I Am a Girl,” to benefit female education in 3rd World countries. The ad will include a … Read More

“Epic Meal Time” To Take On TV

These freaks have been on our radar since they started filming their crazy meat orgies. If you’ve never seen the YouTube sensation “Epic Meal Time” you missed a whole lotta meaty madness. The basic premise is: get a bunch of … Read More

Mänland: A Creche For Men

My last long term relationship was a bit of a traditional role reversal thing. Yes, I dated a metro-sexual. One of his favorite activities was shopping. He loved any kind of shopping – clothes, furniture, décor, garden stuff. I guess … Read More

Never Run Out Of Deoderant Again

Guys & Dolls™ is about ACUTE GENDERIZATION.  Men being macho and women being feminine. Well a company called Guyhaus is all about the dudes.  Forgetful dudes.  Or dudes who are too busy doing dude stuff to shop for toiletries. You … Read More

Epically Manly Food

It feels like Epic Meal Time has been around a lot longer than last October but maybe that’s because it’s so. …well …EPIC!  The show is a ridiculously popular online cooking show that clocks about a million views per episode, … Read More

Gettin’ Manly In The Kitchen

I’ve been noticing more and “manly” kitchen gadgets lately.  A while ago I blogged about a power drill wine opener attatchment (…which I considered to be a little OTT.) Well now we can add these two fellas to the trend.  … Read More