Alexander McQueen Makes Online Debut

  If you have been dying to get your hands on the latest designs of fashion superstar Alexander McQueen, but just don’t have time to shop, you’re in luck. Designer McQueen has opened an online store where you can purchase … Read More

Paper Soap Anyone?

With the popularity of gummy strips sold for breath mint, you have probably gotten used to the idea of eating small plastic-like sheets of paper. How about washing your hair or laundry with them? If you fail to see the … Read More

Oranges Not Fast Enough For Brits

The British are so CLOCKLESS it makes me sick. Apparently peeling an orange is too time consuming for the schedules of most fast paced Brits. For three years in a row, the consumption of oranges has dropped steadily. Just in … Read More

3G Iphone: Making Life Harder for Competition, Better, Faster, Stonger for the Rest of Us

The release of the 3G iPhone is such big news and has been so widely covered we decided to focus on the important stories that you won’t see on CNN tonight. Now that the buzz has subsided a little it … Read More

Brando BTM-118 Bluetooth Headset Squeezes in FM Radio

Have you ever been on a phone call and suddenly need some info from the radio like weather or sports stats? If you lead a CLOCKLESS lifestyle then you can relax because Brando has just released a new bluetooth headset … Read More

Age Guessing Machines on Japanese Streets

Japan is the Mecca of vending machine culture and as such, leads the way in innovative vending technology. Before you scoff, there are useful innovations for vending machines. Japan has a strict smoking age of twenty that is defied by … Read More

Uncompromising Convenience

The economy may be in the middle of a slow down, but the outrageous pace of our daily lives is showing no signs of stagnation. In the morning you have to grab your coffee and scone to go, sipping and … Read More

Good News for Aged Japanese Smokers

Japan- In the ongoing fight to keep people (especially young people) from smoking the Japanese finance ministry is considering allowing facial recognition software to be installed in cigarette vending machines to stop underage smokers from buying smokes. Fujita Corporation developed … Read More

Eat with Your Glasses

Do you find yourself confronted with salads, noodles, and other tasty tidbits that are calling out for chopsticks, but you’re in a restaurant or home that just doesn’t do Asian? With complete seriousness, I do. I actually carry chopsticks in … Read More

Less Wires- More Appealing

I have returned from a long overseas trip and I can tell you that Clockless is a very important wave.  The fact that people "want what they want when they want it" is more and more apparent when you look … Read More