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Airtime Airline

We’ve never been so excited for an airline industry to lift off the ground and stay there. South African Upstart Airtime Airlines is planning on selling flights by the minute, via text message, at...


Now Is the Time

We found this clock on foolishgadgets, a site whose slogan goes “because not all gadgets are cool”. We’ll have to disagree with those guys though; we think this clock is super cool. In fact,...


Ubiquitous Texting. Literally.

Whether its texting, “twittering”, IMing”, whatever the tech jargon might be for the day, you see youth pounding their finger tips away on their blackberry blueberry apple sidekick rio cell phones every s-i-n-g-l-e day...


Net Bar Hopping

Most of us know the disappointing feeling of walking into a bar to find its slim pickings regarding members of the opposite sex. Who didn’t realize it was Karaoke night when you and your...


Fine Dining At All Hours

It used to be, if you wanted to eat at any hour of the day or night, you’d find yourself in a diner somewhere off the beaten track having greasy eggs and toast–and loving it. Now you can eat whenever you’re hungry and eat in style.


Instant Spoonfuls

The Clockless Wave always makes it easy to get what you want–now! Take this handy invention from Benadryl®. It’s what they call Perfect Measure™, and it’s an allergy medication for your child that comes in individual premeasured spoons.

Wine Aerator

Wine Aerator

  Sales across the liquor and beer industries have not faltered regardless of the aching economy,  and neither has it for wine. The Business Journal in San Francisco reported that "sales of wine last...