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Press A2 for Literature

Back when they were first introduced, cigarette vending machines were brilliant. Why not take a highly addictive, easily portable product, stuff them into a big metal box and let people pay for access to them? In Germany, those same vending machines are getting re-purposed to distribute graphic novels for 4 euros a piece- all over Hamburg.


The Clockless Workplace

I’ve recently been seeing more articles about the rise of the kind of work/ management style- which is based on results and not on close scrutiny of individual employees. As someone who went from a normal 8-5 office workday to telecommuting I can tell you both has its pros and cons.


Round-the-Clock Workouts

No time to work out? Hate the boring routines? Those excuses just won’t work anymore with the new Minutes Gym. It gives you more than 100 million, you heard that right, 100 million different 3-minute workout routines.


Ok, I’ll Ask Alice

I’m kind of a sucker when it comes to gimmicks and services on the internet, so when I came across this website Alice, cause everyone needs an Alice, I thought I had found a...