A Glass Of Wine With Your Sliders?

Hmmm. “Customers can buy a glass of wine or a domestic or seasonal beer at a Lafayette, Ind., restaurant that fuses a conventional White Castle with a new concept for the company called Blaze Modern BBQ. Wine costs $4.50 and … Read More

Will Young People Change Phone Etiquette?

I am very well aware of the problems the theater world has with attracting younger audiences. It seems the larger, more mains stage the theater is, the older the patrons get. So I understand the need to get creative with … Read More

Texting Over Talking

One of my friends had a minor “rant” on Facebook the other day that I’m sure he wouldn’t remind me repeating here: “Soapbox of the day: The advantage of texting is that you can relay information on your own time … Read More

Unlimited Cinema Visits With MoviePass

Some are saying this could become the “Netflix of movie going” It’s called MoviePass and they are offering UNLIMITED admission to movies at participating cinemas for $50 a month.  If you don’t think you’ll see enough movies to make it … Read More

The Meta Watch

Did you know that Almost 60% of 16-34 year olds use a phone as their primary timepiece?  I haven’t worn a watch since my Mickey Mouse one fell off my wrist into Sydney Harbor when I was 11 years old.  … Read More

Fancy A Beer For Breakfast?

Health authorities in New Zealand are up in arms over a new alcoholic beverage being marketed as “Breakfast Beer”.  Ummm, I’m an Aussie and Kiwi’s are basically like us with weirder accents, and having a beer at any time of … Read More

Keeping Up With Digital Natives

My friend is doing a teaching degree so I forwarded him this infograph.  It kind of follows on from my last blog about kids and their ease with technology… aka “Digital Natives” He’s a “mature” student who has decided to … Read More

24 hr Tweeting

I’m no stranger to internet addiction. I feel withdrawals when I’m unplugged for a prolonged period.  The woman who wrote this blog post knows what I mean … and then some. Her article reveals her secret habit of going to … Read More

Gaming on Demand

There’s one industry that has remained relatively untouched in streaming content; console games. But things are starting to change. … Read More

PUMA Social – For Night Life Sports

PUMA Social: we applaud the champions of late night games, from ping pong to foosball to phone numbers, and we wholeheartedly encourage the 5AM cab over the 5AM run. … Read More