Human Exoskeleton

    With as much intellectual effort we put into gadgets, phones, and more environmentally friendly sources for energy you'd think something like this would have come about earlier. And sadly, this was the result of one man's work, Amit … Read More

Run for Your Lives!!! Cardiovascular Exercise May be the Key to Longevity

Need another reason to pry yourself out of bed and lace up your running shoes? A study that was conducted over a period of twenty years by researchers at Stanford University has demonstrated a strong link between regular cardiovascular exercise … Read More

The Future of Contact Lenses and Glaucoma Treatment

Utilizing a novel material combined with silver, biomedical engineers at UC Davis and a professor at the Department of Ophthalmology at the UC Davis School of Medicine have developed a process that promises to make contact lenses capable of dispensing … Read More

Drummers Are Fitter Than Footballers Say Scientists

It’s no surprise that this claim has been made. I’ve known many a drummers in my days as a rock-n-roller and I can only recall one fat one, but his excuse was glandular. These guys use muscles you didn’t even … Read More

Gene Doping: No Longer Speculative

In the midst of Olympic contentions involving doping and high tech swimming suits giving athletes an unfair edge, the speculative fear of essentially undetectable gene doping has probably become a reality. A German television station, ARD, has announced that one … Read More

New Stem Cell Therapy Gives Rise To Hope

A new study involving stem cell therapy could offer a ray of hope to sufferers of Muscular Dystrophy (MD). Lead author Amy J. Wagers, a member of the HSCI Principal Faculty and an assistant professor in Harvard's new Department of … Read More

Performance Enhancing Speedos

It looks like the athletes of yesteryear will be even more difficult to compare with the performance of today’s top competitors. I’m not discussing the typical new doping fiasco over a performance enhancing drug. Instead, I would like to mention … Read More

Adaptive Neural Implants

Researchers have developed adaptive algorithms for neural implants which allowed computer software and rat brains to work together in a way that increasingly improved their performance at manipulating a robotic arm. The goal is to create prosthetic systems for paralyzed … Read More

Early Exit: Are You Worth More Dead or Alive?

During WWI, at the Battle of Belleau Wood, Gunnery Sargeant Dan Daly urged his troops on to battle by screaming out the now immortal phrase, "Come on, you sons of bitches, do you want to live forever?"  ”Early Exit,” by … Read More

Higher Game Speed

Competition in e-sports is becoming so fierce that gamers are looking to push their performance to the next level. Enter FpsBrain, the first ever performance-enhancing drug made just for e-game athletes. … Read More