Look Mommy Mermaids ARE real!!

Possibly the coolest BODY WARRANTY piece I’ve seen in a long time.  It’s so inspiring to me not only because of it’s whimsical, fantasy element (I mean, who doesn’t love mermaids!!) but because it is fully functional as a prosthetic … Read More

GATACCA and Childhood Gentic Tests for Athletic Potential

Testing services are popping up that claim to be able to determine what aspect of athletics  your child is most likely to excel in by examining a gene known as ACTN3. Atlas Sports Genetics is one company that offers such … Read More

The spontaneous remission hypothesis: Can Cancer Disappear?

A very surprising scientific finding seems to indicate that sometimes cancer simply goes away on its own.  The  study was conducted in Norway and  was published on Tuesday, November 25th ,  here are some key numbers from the study. One … Read More

Anti-Slouch Necklace

OK, here’s one that I totally need! My mother, TO THIS DAY, nags me about my posture.  It used to really bug me.  No matter what the social situation was, she would either lean in and hiss in my ear … Read More

Red Wine Weight Loss Wonder Drug

In the latest of fad diets and get slim quick pills is the red wine weight loss wonder drug that lets you eat junk food without putting on a pound! Actually the pill is still seven years from hitting store … Read More

CultureWaves Trends

Organ Donation and Death

I began reading this thought with trepidation- we seem to be closer and closer to playing God everyday and in every way, and the medical field is at the forefront of this trend. It is no wonder that as our … Read More

Legal Performance Enhancement

As performance drug use and testing become ubiquitous, it’s good to see a safer (and more fun) alternative trend up and offer the possibility of a new wave of fusion between sport fans and participants and between music and sports. … Read More

Calcium Recomendation for Kids Doubled

Kids, it’s time to drink your milk! The American Academy of Pediatrics is recommending that parents double their children’s daily intake of vitamin D. The announcement comes in light of new findings that show that show that increased intake of … Read More


  My first thought on reading this declaration that human evolution is grinding to a halt (at least in the developed world) was that here was someone looking to get is name in the papers. Upon further reflection, I realized … Read More


  Once again, my illusions are shattered, the region that invented ‘slow food’ and the home of the only diet that ever seemed to follow common sense, the Mediterranean Diet, is porking out like the rest of the countries that … Read More