An Unforgettable Controlled Substance

What if you could take a pill before your next big meeting and remember everything during the last two months that would help you be the star of that meeting? Or what if you could give your son or daughter a pill that would make taking their next test a snap? … Read More

Biochronicity and Temporal Mechanisms Arising in Nature

Our military defense will soon rest in the hands of comic geeks everywhere. … Read More

Ozzy’s DNA Could Hold Secrets and Scientific Miracles

Jump on the Crazy Train in order to become an Iron man. … Read More

Personal Body Monitoring: Coming to a Future Near You

Health consciousness is on the rise, our population is aging, and our technology is rapidly improving. This is, perhaps, the perfect storm for technologies that enable us to monitor our biological functions in real time. … Read More


If you’re in the Body Warranty Wave, you most likely push your body hard trying to get all the performance out of it you can. For a runner that means getting a “runner’s high,” a feeling that you can run forever. … Read More

Make Way For Our New RoboRiche Overlords

A hi-tech future with the most advanced technology is a vision that many scientists are set on achieving and they are making crazy breakthroughs everyday. If you have a moment check out IEEE Spectrum. It’s a pretty cool “shopping cart” concept that visualizes their own unique vision of a medically advanced future. … Read More

HIV Vaccine made from Canarypox. Spider Jerusalem Looks On.

I look forward to a future where I can cure cancer with a patch and my two headed cat smokes Black Russians. … Read More

Feel Younger Than You Look?

In our never ending pursuit for eternal youth, we can soon boast about our “molecular age” should we find that a more attractive number than our chronological one. There are many consumers constantly seeking ways to push our body beyond … Read More

Public Enemy Number Two

When it comes to personal health choices smoking has long been public enemy number one. however, obesity, the second leading cause of preventable death, is gaining an unwanted position in the crosshairs of public scrutiny.

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Finger Friendly Keyboard

A keyboard that moves? Changes shape? Adjusts to how you’re working throughout the day? The new Smartfish Pro:Motion Keyboards promise all that and more. … Read More