The Human Slingshot

There are some crazy fitness gadgets out there. Sorry but I’ll never get past the odd looking toes on barefoot running shoes, for instance. However this crazy thing is something that I could see my friends and I having fun … Read More

Nike+ FuelBand Makes Life A Sport

Nike has upgraded it’s Nike + SportBand with a sleek 20 LED dot-matrix display that measures activity, calling it Nike+ FuelBand. It’s a watch-like device that displays vital information including calories burned, distance, pace and time and synchs with your … Read More

Calorie Burning Underwear

The Body Warranty™ wave is filled with evidence that helps us strive for physical greatness.  The Human Truth™ of this wave is:  “I want more out of my body than ever before.”™ Well the Japanese have found a way to … Read More

Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit

Personal trainer Drew Manning is a man on a mission. The pic on the right is NOT the before pic! For the last few months he has been eating “sugary cereal, soda, chips, white bread, white pasta, pizza, cakes, cookies, … Read More

CultureWaves Trends

Reading Between The Blurry Lines

Sometimes I worry about my eyesight given that I sit in front of a computer all day. So I thought this was quite an interesting way of looking at the problem of deteriorating vision. Rather than deal with the problem … Read More

Strongest Coffee Ever?

The kind of things we find in the Body Warranty™ wave are usually fairly “health orientated”.  The Human Truth™ is: “I want more out of my body than ever before.”™ Which one would often associate with making “healthy choices”…right? Well … Read More

Scary Data About Sitting

I love infographs because I’m a visual learner, but this one gave me a scary wake-up call! It visualizes data from Medical Billing and Coding to illustrate how a sedentary lifestyle and sitting for hours at a time each day … Read More

Yet Another Yoga Study With Amazing Results

I usually put any interesting evidence on Yoga in the Self- Actualization level of Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs… usually in the Inner Balance™ or Moment Momentum™ wave.  This article, however, fit’s nicely into the Body Warranty™ wave because it’s … Read More

Whoa… Wait… Horse Semen Shots?

This story literally put my lesbian vegetarian roommate off her lunch.  It’s not an “Onion headline”, I checked. So, at New Zealand’s Hokitika Wildfoods festival, foodies will be able to imbibe horse semen.  Which apparently will make you feel like … Read More

America’s Diet Delusions

Body Warranty™ deals with “wanting more out my body than ever before”.  As the NYE hangover wears off, we are all thinking about those resolutions and wondering how long they will last this year.  You’d think to be successful with … Read More