DIY Dentristy: Shave and a haircut…and a root canal…six pence

Seems we are getting more comfortable with supplying our own guarantees for Body Warranty.  In July 1997 American was first domestic airline to install defibrillator devices. Ten years later airline defibrillator devices are common and still saving lives.  With the … Read More

Spend all night gaming and get wrist lock? Not any More.

Gamers have long suffered the painful remnants of extended hours on a standard keyboard ejoying their favorite game. Now with the Belkin Speedpad you are able to game longer, faster, stronger without all the torment.

The 2007 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Bionic Suit

Borba Drinkable Skincare

bacon boomerang

Promotion aimed at the Weight Watcher crowd. Driving people to get on the program…and stay on the program.

Varibel Glasses

One of the most requested pieces for further information inside of CultureWaves. Great example of higher fashion as it enters in to the Body Warranty Wave.

Grindhouse Amputee

We have seen a slew of buzz about amputee information on the net over the last few quarters. Is there any credence to the thought that people are looking for a new kind of extreme body modification?

Flintstones Gummies

Flinstones Vitamins now advertise healthier brain functionality for kids.

Halo 3 Mountain Dew: Game Fuel