Cheap Chic

High fashion has always been a somewhat exclusive way for the rich to pamper their egos. Now, more and more, they have to share that special treatment with people who shop for bargains. Target, Kmart, and other mass outlets are turning to high-fashion designers to bring their special touch to sizes that range from 6 to 16. … Read More

Rendezvous With Nature

With summer in full swing, I’m sure there are tons of people hitting the road and heading towards the great outdoors. Well, not me. I’m more of a city dweller. That’s not because I don’t like being outside, because I … Read More

Unlikely, Insane, or Absolutely Fabulous?

The designer best known for plastic Louis XV chairs and garden gnome stools is jumping on the green bandwagon and bemoaning his incongruous record of denouncing materialism and useless stuff while designing piles of completely useless commercial stuff. Philippe Stark … Read More

Turntable Porn At It’s Finest

With the rise of MP3’s and vinyl’s return, it only seems right that the turntable will come back in a major way. Well, now they have, more and more artists are releasing their albums only on digital and vinyl formats. … Read More

Slow Down: What Slow Down?

There are some businesses that are considered recession-proof; apparently couture fashion is one of them. While nearly every other aspect of the world economy has been affected by the rising cost of energy and a slug-like US economy, major fashion … Read More

Art of the Nap

Does anyone know how to take a nap anymore?  One of the greatest pleasures in life is the ability to relax enough to actually fall asleep, anytime.  Studies have shown that naps can increase productivity and alertness, mood and creativity. … Read More

Confirmed; The Japanese ARE Insane

You have to give it to the fine citizens of Japan. They are usually on the forefront of most of the craziest global trends. This one is so far out there, I’ll probably never get(or want) to do this. We … Read More

The Bathtub LCD TV

A target for women in their 20’s, Panasonic’s new SV-ME70 portable TV sports a 5 inch LCD screen and is available in either pink or white. And get this… it’s waterproof. It’s made to be put in hostile kitchen environments … Read More

Luke Hughes & Co. Sure Can Design a Spa

When choosing a spa people look for all types of things. The qualifications of the staff, the services offered, aesthetic of the establishment, ect. Well Luke Hughes & Company has been doing an amazing job creating some very beautiful pieces … Read More

The Surf Chair

From a distance it may look like an innovative art sculpture, but the Surf Chair has instead raised the bar on comfortable computing. The brain child of Kenneth Lylover, the SurfChair is designed to mimic the laid back, relaxed style … Read More