Flying High and Happy

One airline is taking the Private Pampering Wave seriously. Virgin Atlantic Airways is treating passengers to something it calls “Airphoria” that delivers, in it words, “a truly unique flying experience for the increasingly frustrated and disappointed business traveler.” … Read More

What’s Good For Karl May Not Be Good For The Gander

Once thought to be a recession proof market Haute Couture is coming under fire. While some designers are attempting to reconcile their designs with the current economic realities, other designers, like crazy uncle Karl ( Karl Lagerfeld), are justifying their … Read More

Latte: $5. Comfort: Priceless.

I don’t need it, I really shouldn’t, but I’m still worth it. Times may be tough, and it’s safe to say that most Americans have cut back and reevaluated at some point or another their necessities. But fortunately for some … Read More

Loomstate for Target: Sound Luxury

Private Pampering is sure to take on a new face in this economy. Will people still crave to be spoiled with items of luxury? Of Course! Will they be able to throw caution to the wind and throw money at … Read More

We Interupt the Priorly Schelduled Reccession to Bring You the Bentley Azure T

There is not one single feature on the new Bentley Azure T that even hints at the concepts of budget or affordability. Not one clue, either inside or out of the Azure T that there is a recession or that … Read More

Long Awaited LG Prada II Arrives in Europe; Comes with “Wrist Communicator”

We have had our eye on the slick new Prada II phone from LG for about a month now. With today being the first day of the official European launch, the Prada II will now be put to the test. … Read More

Japanese Enjoy Soy Milk Hot Spring

Let’s hear another hooray for the almighty soy bean. We can add beautifying skin treatment to its endless list of benefactors.  At least I can’t think of any other reason why anyone would want consider pampering themselves in a huge … Read More

5 Star Hotel…Airplane.

The ultimate in airline luxury is about to expand to 12 more planes this year. The Airbus A380 is literally the heaviest and most expensive commercial passenger aircraft ever built standing at over $300 million dollars a piece. As wide … Read More

Dream Team Baby

  I’ve witnessed first hand the restless nightmare of putting a fussy baby to sleep, and seen the heavy dark rings that cliff hang off an exhausted mothers’ eyes during the first 3 months after childbirth.  Later on, these stories … Read More

Cruise Ship is the Real Treasure

According to its site, the Magellan Residential Cruise Ship is “Designed for the discerning traveler, the Magellan surrounds you with unparalleled luxury as you circumnavigate the globe.” Absolutely no exaggeration with the usage of “unparalleled luxury” either. The Magellan Residential … Read More