Pampering And Posturing

One of the things I love about my social networks is throwing things I come across to the peanut gallery and reading the response. Lately I got excited about this amazing video of a transparent plane – it was a … Read More

Crystal-Studded Bottles of Water

Ok. So even though the loveable snarks over at Gawker had a field day with this, I happen to think it’s a perfect example of Private Pampering™. It’s an article about an extreme example of luxury in the bottled water … Read More

Who Would Buy A Leather Band-Aid?

This is one of those things you have to read a few times to make sure you have it right.  Really, leather band-aids?  The things that usually cost a few bucks for 100’s of them that you inevitably find on … Read More

Chrysler: Reclaiming Luxury

This was one of the stand-out ads of the Superbowl, some people are calling it the clear “winner”.  Rather than bringing belly laughs or mind boggling CGI, it was a poetic assertion of a cities worth, and a challenge to … Read More

The $22,000 “Netflix”

I must be in some instant streaming kick, because the last blog I posted was about a Netflix version of video games, and this one is well; Netflix for people with a lot of money to throw around. … Read More

Blue Ribbon Reward

China, the producer of all things cheap, has now accepted one of America’s cheapest beer brands as a status symbol and deemed it worth $44 a bottle. Granted, it’s a beer made just for them, comes in a sexy bottle, and is called Blue Ribbon 1844—after the year the company was founded in America—but it’s still PBR, which makes it all more than a little hard to believe. … Read More

Lip Action

Muscles tired? Looking to get a nice relaxing massage? How about a soothing deep rub for two of the most active part of your body—your lips? … Read More

The New Themed Hotels

The themed hotel is both destination worthy and cringe worthy at the same time, depending on your perspective. However, the idea of the themed hotel is resurfacing and it’s looking pretty good. … Read More

It’s Like the Pool Table IS a Pool? Woah.

OK. Seriously. This. Is. Rad.

“The Obscura CueLight is coolest pool table ever, features sensors and a projector that projects an image only where the balls are on the table…” … Read More

Awww, Isn’t That Precious?

So this family walks into a talent agent’s office and he asks “So what can you do?” And they show him their cute, precious little snowflake baby. Something is gleaming in it’s mouth! Why, it’s a Swarovksi Crystal studded pacifier! TA-DA! The Aristabrats! … Read More