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TR2N may be the next Viral Juggernaut

“Genius, Visionary, Modern Hero. That is Kevin Flynn.” This is the line ringing through the internet at the moment from “,” a site that celebrates his works as a visionary in technology and gaming circles-right up until his disappearance in 1989. There is something else peculiar about Kevin Flynn: he’s fictional.



Have you heard these terms? Funemployment, Paycation, The Unemploymentality?

“A new breed of “happily jobless” 20- and 30-somethings is forgoing the job hunt for travel, golf, and the beach, thanks to severance packages, unemployment checks, or parental largesse. Funemployment may sound “frivolous,” but this mix of “narcissism” and backlash against the corporate world is a statement about America today.


It Pays To Be Cool

Do you follow music trends? Do you set them? Hip new music download site Popcuts™ “recognizes the music lovers with that special sense for the next big thing” and rewards them with cash in the form of store credit.