The Power to Decide

Many corporations employ taste experts and do massive research with consumers to help them decide what new flavors to introduce. But DEW is putting that power into the hands of a select few. The 50 who convince Mountain Dew they are worthy to decide receive a limited-edition tasting kit… … Read More

Jon Stewart: Trust me, I’m a Professional.

A man that has a news show that has been previously preceded by puppets making prank calls and South Park is the most trusted voice in news. … Read More

TR2N may be the next Viral Juggernaut

“Genius, Visionary, Modern Hero. That is Kevin Flynn.” This is the line ringing through the internet at the moment from “,” a site that celebrates his works as a visionary in technology and gaming circles-right up until his disappearance in 1989. There is something else peculiar about Kevin Flynn: he’s fictional. … Read More


Have you heard these terms? Funemployment, Paycation, The Unemploymentality?

“A new breed of “happily jobless” 20- and 30-somethings is forgoing the job hunt for travel, golf, and the beach, thanks to severance packages, unemployment checks, or parental largesse. Funemployment may sound “frivolous,” but this mix of “narcissism” and backlash against the corporate world is a statement about America today. … Read More

Here’s My Card… Yeah, I’m Awesome.

I put in a Thought about a cool business card and it occurred to me that I have seen a lot of inventive business cards recently…

So I thought I throw together a Business Card Collection… … Read More

Rent A Veyron, $25,000 A Day

For those of you that can afford the seven figure price tag on a Bugatti Veyron, congratulations. If you can’t however, and have an extra $25,000 laying around, you can at least drive one for a day. … Read More

Taking ‘shoppertainment’ to a New Level

Imagine a store window dressed like a real New York apartment. Now picture a different dinner party each night, hosted by a wide selection of interesting New Yorkers  -all in view of the fascinated general public peering in from the … Read More

Mission One: World’s Fastest Electric Motorcycle

Unveiled at TED, Mission One is the worlds fastest electric production motorcycle. Mission One was Designed by Yves Behar of fuseproject for Mission Motors, a San Franscisco based company that seeks to, “Redefine the world of performance motorcycles” and “Prove … Read More

It Pays To Be Cool

Do you follow music trends? Do you set them? Hip new music download site Popcuts™ “recognizes the music lovers with that special sense for the next big thing” and rewards them with cash in the form of store credit. … Read More

Stewardesses are Symbolic Heros for Arab Women Seeking Independence

The definition of Power Plays™ can differ from culture to culture but, underneath the cultural differences is the same human need for esteem. For a growing number of Arab women, moving to the gulf and becoming a stewardess is an … Read More