V.I.C: Very Important Customer

Mashable talked about brand champions this week and it made me think of the Power Plays™ wave.  There are so many different products and services out there that people love so much that they are willing to be an unpaid … Read More

Keepin’ It Street

It’s hard for me to believe the change that street art has gone threw in my lifetime.  It’s gone from the underground, hip hop, illegal, street culture of 80’s NYC & LA to high art.  Yep.  The recent exhibition at … Read More

Dominos “Caters” To Their Demographic

I spotted this coupon on Failblog.org.  They proclaim it as a WIN.  If you don’t know why it’s a WIN then you probably aren’t the intended demographic. Domino’s has pulled a humorous little Power Play™.  This wave is all about … Read More

Objects in Mirror Are Losing

We can all be conquerors. … Read More

Would You Try A Lion Meat Taco?

Power Plays™ is about doing things other people either don’t know about or wouldn’t do.  That why Tucson restaurant Boca Tacos y Tequila’s “exotic taco night” is a prime example of this wave. The Wednesday night event, that has been … Read More

Bodega Cats – A Flickr Group

Flickr groups never cease to amaze me; they’re like a high quality version of one-off Tumblr accounts. … Read More

Lee Steps in the Collaboration Ring

Lee Jeans has jumped into the shark pool with Levi’s, and by that I mean they have entered the hectic world of denim collaborations in Japan. … Read More


For years, it has been a popular custom for Japanese companies to sell “lucky bags” on New Year’s Day. You purchase a mysterious box of goods for a set price, take it home and open it. You may find something incredibly valuable or something worthless. This is the real world equivalent to a RNG rush, and it’s popping up more and more. … Read More

Awesome Thing of The Week: Savage Edition


Secret Cinema Adds a New Level of Entertainment

If I Told You, You would Have To be Destroyed By Me. … Read More