Creepy Confectionery

I’m not a fan of horror and I don’t have a sweet tooth so these creepy creations don’t do it for me. However, I know soooo many people who would eat this kind of thing right up… Literally. Exhibit A: … Read More

Food Blogger Travels To Dubai To Try Crown Crust Pizza

Those wacky dudes at College Humor must have been as impressed/grossed-out as the rest of us when they saw Pizza Hut Dubai’s Crown Crust Pizza. The difference between them and us, is they actually sent a brave columnist to go … Read More

Adidas Gets Kooky With Latest Collaboration

I considered filing this under the Brand Sanctuary™ wave because Adidas is the kind of brand that people are very loyal to -myself being one of them. However, the Human Truth™ is: “I count on your brand not to let me … Read More

An IKEA Sleepover

Did you ever have that childhood fantasy of spending the night in a department store? I did. IKEA has tapped into that urge, with a fun stunt that let some lucky fans spend the night: “IKEA hosted a sleepover at … Read More

Taiwan Seeks To Make A Big Statement

This is one of those pictures you see online and automatically think: “Wow, cool concept… probably wont see the light of day though.” Well, believe it or not, this mesmerizing feat of engineering may actually become Taiwan’s version of the … Read More

October POV

People have been bootlegging music, movies and video games for years; it was once a somewhat difficult process, but with software such as Alcohol 120% and Daemon Tools, it’s easy enough a tween can utilize it. “Do-it-yourselfers”(D.I.Y.’ers) that create prop and costume replicas are already using a 3D modeling program to build efficient plans for their projects. Give them an at home 3D printer and they’re set. … Read More

Go To The Source

I came across these tiles and they made me consider the Power Plays™ wave. This is an example of a Power Plays™ fail. Ok, so they sell tiles. Interior Design. A passion many people discover when they buy or renovate … Read More

Sneaker Shrine

San Francisco-based product designer Fernando A. Robert must really be proud of his shoe collection. I get it. That is to say, I know A BUNCH of guys who are card carrying SNEAKERFREAKERS. When I saw this,qwq I immediately forwarded … Read More

“Covers” Of Signature Dishes, Set To Cover Songs

Foodies & Audiophiles:  Passionate, knowledgable, exacting standards….  and some of the most “one upping” conversations your likely to encounter.  Well, how about bringing them together for an evening of great food, music and no doubt, highly informed table talk. That’s … Read More

The Weapons Grade Chilli

My bother is a proud, high ranking member of his work’s monthly “Curry Club”.  They even have award ceremonies, t-shirts and your seniority is based on how many chilli badges you have. But I think this particular pepper might be … Read More