New Heights: Redefining Ginormous

    UK’s Hyder Consulting firm has announced plans to build the world’s tallest building. The structure is now in the planning phase and very few details are known other than the fact that it will be built somewhere in … Read More

Bring out the Ultra Nerd in You

Got a lot of money? Really nerdy? Need to impress the other rich nerds? Well here, go to eBay and buy this ultra rare copy of an Atari 2600 title called Gamma Attack. It's only starting at $500,000. Now, let's … Read More

No eating on the Aston Martin

Just in case you needed one to boost your ego, you can now order an Aston Martin sofa. Aston Martin Heritage Designs has released a few of these, and I'm sure someone will begin to pick them up. It seems … Read More

Burmester Sound System In Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti is known for being a very fast, high quality auto. The best of the best some would say. So, when it comes to the stereo don’t expect some wimpy cheap car stereo. That’s why when Bugatti was choosing a … Read More

The Eames House Bird

For strict Mid-Century Modernists, the Eames have always been an iconic duo of designers. Everything from the layouts and color patterns to the materials used in projects is replicated, if not suggested by die hard modernist fans. But there's always … Read More

P-Per: Real I-Phone Rival?

It seems like every new phone with touch screen technology that comes out these days is the “new I-Phone” but I haven’t seen a product that has put any kind of dent into the I-Phones popularity.The I-Phone has certainly set … Read More

Russian Luxury Reborn

  During the Soviet era in Russia luxury was far from a priority of the communist government. One could even say that the idea of luxury itself sat in opposition to the Marxist ideals of the Soviet state. Over the … Read More

Deeper Luxury

 The WWF (World Wildlife Fund)  has released a new report titled Deeper Luxury. The report is a call for change within the luxury market. It outlines the current state of the luxury market from an ethical and environmental standpoint. The … Read More

Location, Location, Location

The old real estate axiom "location, location, location" is as true now as ever. What is different about the future of high-end real estate is driver behind it. High gas prices, gridlock, and ecological concerns are continuing to drive more … Read More

Superhuman Vision

You have to look at Power Plays on several levels. There's the initial level where everything is covered in Swarovski Crystals and diamonds, or it's a limited run that's been blessed by the holy powers of Karl Lagerfeld. But then … Read More