A Rollercoaster for your Living Room

If you’ve been a fan of the model train and are looking for something a little less 1950’s, then the model roller coaster is just what you need. Coaster Dynamix has created a 1/48th scale rollercoaster, which means you can … Read More

Your DNA Matchmaker

Imagine being able to cut your losses in the dating game, and even better, matching your body chemistry with your perfect DNA partner. That’s basically what is promised when you go to ScientificMatch.com. “The science of love,” as it says, through DNA analysis, helps you “share the magic of chemistry with someone.” … Read More

Eat My Dust: Lamborghini Refuses to Comply or Compromise for EU Standards

The emissions standard that was adopted by the European Union in 2007 will require that by 2012 every European car maker’s fleet of vehicles can produce no more than 130 grams of CO2 per kilometer on average. This does not … Read More

M.I.A. Rocks Her Own Gear? Imagine That.

Ask any artist who their favorite  artist, desiger, musician, ect… is and if they don't say themselves than they are probably lying, or being modest. Except for M.I.A. she is obviously not one to B.S. people. She was quoted having … Read More

Spinning Spinelli

You You can rearrange the furniture in your room, but how about rearranging the furniture itself. A couch designed by Mario Spinelli lets you have complete control over your sitting options. The “Original Sofa” is completely modular. The center seat … Read More

Smash It Beautiful

Designer Marjin van der Poll has decided that designing is too satisfying to do it all himself. He has invited you to help by customizing your own Droog Design’s Do Hit Chair. For $6718, Unica Home will ship you a … Read More

Flavor on Command

If you are looking for ideas on how to market a product that has earned itself an unpopular reputation, look no further. Camel is about to introduce yet another new tobacco product. I am not a mathematician, so I don’t … Read More

Flower Power

I initially thought this was a fun piece of evidence for Sensory Appeal, but decided it really fit well into Deity Complex as well.  My world my way, or my scent my way in this case.  'Bloom' earrings are a … Read More

How a Missouri Born, Petty Criminal Went Platinum

Don’t like your life? Why don’t you just make up a new one? According to The Smoking Gun, that is exactly what superstar rapper Akon did, and it seems to have worked out well for him. Akon claims that he … Read More

Texas Physicists Will Use Huge Laser to Create a Separate Universe for Texans to Live in

Everything is bigger in Texas– even lasers.  If you had any inclinations to “Mess with Texas,” here is one more reason to reconsider, Scientists from the University of  Texas at Austin, have constructed the world’s largest “operational” laser. Wired Science … Read More