The Rachel Comey ‘Fur Helmet’ is certainly not for everyone! But, then again, that is what Deity Complex is all about, distinguishing yourself from the crowd, making a proclamation of individuality. Made of baby alpaca ,the Fur Helmet  is not … Read More

I can see the End of the World from Here

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Maybe both are in order here.  Once again, it seems obvious why ‘military intelligence’ is an oxymoron. Just how long would it be before ‘packs of robots designed to hunt down uncooperative … Read More

Electricbike’s to Motorbikes in Vietnam

 Teens in Vietnam are banned from driving motorbikes to school, and they’ve turned to purchasing electric bicycles instead. There’s no registration or helmets required for operation, and their more affordable for parents, about $220 dollars a piece.  So it’s not … Read More

Early Adoption Techniphobia

A piece by someone who could easily be called a Corporate Hater, it was interesting that he was trying to figure out the mindset of his mirror opposite, a friend who always bought the very first of any new gadget, … Read More

Telepathy for All

Anyone who grew up on Startrek episodes has to wonder when yet another of the marvels of the future will be met or surpassed. Though reports of fighter jets controlled by thoughts or at least facial and eye motions of … Read More

Make your own Rifftrax

  If you're the one person during movies who consistently drops one-liners of sarcasm and wit in between the characters’ dialogue to get your buddies rolling, guess what, you can do more than make others laugh. With RiffTrax's new feature, iRiffs, … Read More

“Game Centered on Wonton Landmass Deformation,” Indulges Our Desire For Ultimate Control

All of you old school gamers will remember the days when the videogame environment that your character moved through was almost completely static and two dimensional. Then came games like Doom, where you navigated your character through a 3 dimensional … Read More

Pimp My Prius

The Toyota Prius is a lot of things, economical, environmentally friendly, popular, but sexy and stylish it is not. An article in Wired chronicles the story of a Swedish reporter and his quest to pimp-out a humble and somewhat homely … Read More

Choose Your Own Adventure Videos

When I was a kid I used to have these books that let you choose the outcome of the story based on the decisions you make along the way. They were called “choose your own adventure books”. Well, I found … Read More

Camo Your Satellite Dish

Would you like to hide your unsightly grey satellite dish, or would your neighbors like you to? I hadn’t even realized this was a problem until someone fixed it. For discriminating buyers in the UK, the Sqish dish is now … Read More