Your News, Your Way…

Mashable reported recently: “Google News is already a handy resource for staying informed on breaking news stories, but they’ve just become a news source that’s more dialed into your specific needs…” … Read More

Hey, that’s MINE!

If you could have only one magazine, which one would it be? How about one that you create for yourself-one that exists solely for you? It does exist and it’s called MINE. … Read More

Employer asks: “What’s Your Sign?”

Apparently, an Australian company recently put out an ad seeking new employees, but with a rather uncommon request— “the applicants had to be a certain astrology sign. Anyone under the Taurus, Aquarius, Aries, Capricorn, or Leo signs were encouraged to submit resumes because, according to a spokesperson for the company, those signs make the best employees.” … Read More

The String Doll Gang® Brings Good Mojo

Do you remember your school days?

What were you like? No wait, better yet… what were your short comings? Did you have anything that you would have changed or at least -liked to have had a hand with? I think we all had some rough times in our own unique ways. What if there was a little doll that could give you some “good mojo” for those times? As kids go back to school, I recently came across these little “dolls” that can be used as a keychain… for their lockers, school bags, etc. … Read More

The Sound of You

People have been engraving wedding rings with words of endearment for quite some time. What’s new is being able to express those words with your very own sound waves laser cut right into the ring. This new technique can be used ahead of the event to immortalize the words “I love you,” “forever yours,” or something more original. … Read More

Let Me Map It Out For Ya…

An article about the evolution of cartography sparked me to do a neemee search of “MAPPING” and my hunch was right…. We have captured  A LOT of really cool thoughts on this subject from all life categories (DESIGN, ENTERTAINMENT, TECHNOLOGY … Read More

i/denti/tee: I’ve got the brains, you’ve got the look

Last week we ran across t-shirt company i/denti/tee that makes t-shirts printed with song lyrics that start with the letter i. For Example, I love rock and roll, I walk the line etc. The lyrics  are written as one word … Read More

For Cops, By Cops

It makes sense. Every other government funded entity has their own toys to use made specifically for them: fire department, military, emergency medical technicians, and mail carriers. So why haven’t police departments gotten their specially tailored vehicles? Not sure, but … Read More

BMW Lo-Rider: Design It Yourself

BMW motorcycles are known for excellent engineering, comfort, versatility, and quality but their image is anything but sexy. That may soon change if the new BMW Lo-Rider concept makes it to production. In terms of design the Lo-Rider is the … Read More

Damned Dirty Apes!

In a country where human rights for humans were starting to look iffy, it appears crazy to extend them to other species as seems to be happening in Europe. Humans have always had a real problem in conceding any rights … Read More