God Games

I haven’t been gaming in the last few years …because it becomes a “problem” for me. And when I say problem, I mean it takes over every spare moment of my life and consciousness. So you could say I’m a … Read More

“Soggy” Haters Unite!

Do you choke down your cereal as fast as you can because you hate when it goes soggy?  RELAX! You don’t have to live in fear of a morning Heimlich Maneuver anymore!!  I give you the Obol. “With the unique … Read More

The OCD Cutting Board

First off, the name of this chopping board made me ponder the fact that so many serious mental disorders are bandied around rather flippantly these days.  We all do it! Or if you don’t then I’m sure you seen tweets … Read More

“Le Double Mix” Is Twice The Awesome

Maybe I’m writing about these burgers because I’m hungry but when I saw them I laughed at first… then I was like: wait… this is genius! I’m a big fan of “having it my way”.  I love custom ordering as … Read More

So how’d you two meet?

In the Deity Complex Wave we see people getting what they want without regard for the trappings of the old way of doing things. You want something, you get it—regardless of the means—and it better be exactly what you want. … Read More

Your Year In Emoticons

It’s the time of year people are in the market for calendars and this one caught my attention. Life Calendar is a novel way to track how each day of your year went. Every day is represented by a emoticon.  … Read More

Your Own Handwriting As A Font

This idea makes me tingle! Whoever thought this up for Pilot deserves some serious kudos and here’s why: they have taken a product, in fact a behavior, that has become outmoded and made it available in our digital world. … Read More

Personalized Pop

When you walk up to a pop machine your options have always been limited by the number of different bottles or cans it could hold. That restriction is now history. The new Coca-Cola Freestyle™ machine offers more than 100 different drink choices with flavors as individualized as your own personal taste. What sounds good to you? A Raspberry Coke? A Peach Fanta? No problem. … Read More

Choose Your Own Adventure 2.0

Remember choose your own adventure books? You know, the ones that make you the star (and if you screw up you just backpedal a few pages)? Well, the popularity of the style may be lost to all but nostalgia and Goosebumps collectors. But why wouldn’t the concept work now? Ok, let me restate that; why wouldn’t it work with social media? … Read More

The Wedding Cocktail

When it’s time to toast the bride and groom these days, more often than not they want the drink in the glass to be a one-of-a-kind cocktail mixed and named especially for them. And what could make a guest feel more a part of the wedding than being greeted by a server offering a special drink in “honor of the special couple.” … Read More