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Demonstrating the value of control: “It’s my world, my way.”™


See The Real Me

Turn on the TV and listen to Jazz Jennings for thirty seconds and you will witness a moment of clarity—this new Clean & Clear teen talks enthusiastically about her new skincare line dedicated to ‘Seeing The Real Me.’


How You Roll

3 years ago in Hermosa Beach, California, some mechanical engineers with a passion for skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing formed Intuitive Motion Inc. and began creating the Zboard. “Tired of bikes getting stolen and having...


Super Hero Me

I haven’t seen The Avengers movie yet but apparently it’s AWESOME! I haven’t heard any of my friends say a bad word about it. It’s exactly what it they wanted it to be: An...


Karl On Karl

High Fashion is always pulling stunts. It’s about making their brand “aspirational”. For instance, many people can’t afford the luxury lifestyle but will hold it up as something they aim for…They save and save,...

Nose pendants hero

Pet Nose Pendants

Deity Complex™is about IDENTITY STAMPING.  Now every pet owner I know sees their animals as an intrinsic part of their life, or even as an extension of themselves. You only have to search the...


Play With Yourself

I can’t decide whether this is creepy, egomaniacal or really cool…. Let’s go with all three then shall we! A Japanese company with the ominous name of The Clone Factory will put your EXACT...


Marriage Minority

For the first time, married couples have dropped below half of all American households. According to data released by the Brookings Institution, only 48 percent of American households in 2010 are classified as married....


God Games

I haven’t been gaming in the last few years …because it becomes a “problem” for me. And when I say problem, I mean it takes over every spare moment of my life and consciousness....