Take that!

We all experience bad service sometimes, but what can you do about it? And if you represent a corporation, isn’t it better if you know you’ve got a problem so you can fix it? MeasuredUp.com is an answer to both those questions, and a bridge between customers and customer service. … Read More

“Think”… a Little Harder!

    Funny how a television network that has a whole site, Think, dedicated to environmental activism and news would actually be responsible for clearing a rain forest, trashing it, and then leaving it that way after filming its newest … Read More

Popular Plastics Chemical Poses Further Threat

Bisphenol A, the plastics chemical in everything from baby bottles to the liners of soda cans was recently declared safe by the FDA after much public concern due to media reports of its dangers to human health. This updated report … Read More

Quit Your Job, Win an Award

You have spent hours and hours of company time thinking about it, you do it in your dreams, anymore it’s the only thing you ever think about. So why don’t you just go ahead and do it, that’s right, walk … Read More

For Love of the Game

Fans are getting disgruntled at the NFL because of some baffling new regulations that don’t seem consistent with the league’s history of laissez faire live and let dog fight   attitude. While NFL players can get lit and sexually assault or … Read More

Scented Laundry Chemicals and Air Fresheners Make Household Air Toxic

Here’s some more research findings to make you want someone to shout “rein in that rabid dog” when anyone mentions the chemical industry. Researchers at the University of Washington published findings in the journal Environmental Impact Assessment Review detailing the … Read More

The Race to the Bottom: Is Cheaper Better?

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that textiles from several major U.S. clothing labels have recently been found to be produced by severely underpaid and exploited Chinese workers. The somewhat surprising news is that the factory was in queens. … Read More

Vertical Farming’s Idealistic Notions Fall Like Babel Under Scrutiny

It is an ambitious plan, and it is being pursued for all the right reasons, but that does not mean that vertical farming is a viable alternative to traditional agriculture. Dr. Dickson Despommier of Columbia University is credited with the … Read More

Viacom ‘backs off’ YouTube Demand

Oh my god!  How greedy is Viacom? As you all probably know, media giant Viacom is suing Google who owns you tube for copyright infringement. Not because their employees are posting up Viacom’s copyrighted material, but you and me are … Read More

Live Bombs Under Orlando Subdivision and Middle School

Somebody messed up. A high dollar Orlando subdivision and the nearby Odyssey Middle School are sitting on live explosives. The school and homes were built on the former site of the Army’s PineCastle Jeep Range. The developers who bought the … Read More