AT&T Kicks An Online Beehive

Net Neutrality has often been feared here in America, with out current view on China’s Great Firewall, we have all the reason to be afraid. Because blocking sites can be done in a heartbeat. And of course, AT&T decided it wanted to be first in the game stateside, only they picked the wrong site to block. … Read More

You’re Just a Tease!

…At least that’s what one bitter romantic is accusing dating service for being. In face, he’s so upset he’s suing–for 5 million bucks. According to the Dailynews, “A $5 million federal suit filed by Sean McGinn accuses the company … Read More

Remember, It’s Not Real

One of the things many people hate about corporations and their advertising is the way they alter reality. In this example, even the most beautiful models are digitally enhanced. A protest group in Berlin found a great way to remind us of that fact. … Read More

Playboy Apologizes

Way to go Playboy! Gracing the Mexico edition cover with a naked model bearing a striking resemblance to the revered Virgin Mary and releasing it just before the Mexican festival that honors her? Talk about public relation fiascoes. Released on … Read More

Burger King’s Whopper Controversy

Burger King finds itself the target of the latest in consumer uproar with the release of its advertising campaign entitled “Whopper Virgins”. At the forefront is the slogan “If you want a real opinion about a burger, asks someone who … Read More

Yes, Detroit is Worth Saving

My first thought when I read about ‘saving Detroit’ was that yes, we do need to save that city, its people, its jobs. To do this we will need to try to save the auto industry, but throwing cash at … Read More

Joe Plumber’s Diamond MasterCard

I originally wrote a rave on this thought about the diamond encrusted credit cards with 24/7 personal advisers and $1000 annual fees for the super rich of 3rd World countries that would have violated ‘W’s admonition to not say anything … Read More

Make And Take Person To Person Loans With Prosper

  With the economy in tough times and the apocalyptic headlines that fill our newspapers and online news sites, it’s no wonder why many people are thinking about ways to cut their expenses, save money, and pay off credit card … Read More

Why American Automobile Manufacturers are Doomed

There is a famous misquote ‘what’s good for General Motors is good for the country’ that is true in that it sums up the hubris that has always been rampant in the US auto industry.  The long history of wiping … Read More

Iraq Puts 40% of Oil Reserves Up for Grabs: Conspiracy Theories and Controversy Ensue

Iraq’s announcement that it plans to put 40% of it’s estimated 115 billion barrel oil reserve up for bidding has ignited the fire of conspiracy theorists who have long speculated that multi-national oil corporations pushed Britain and the US government … Read More