“Hypermiling” Surpasses The Industry Standards

This evidence could go into Green Hot but the act of hacking your gas mileage has some Culture waves miles in it as well.  The evidence in Corporate Hating can be a little overt.  People have such opportunities now to … Read More

Greenwashing Watchdogs

“Going green” has become mainstream for businesses across the board, big and small — and that’s a good thing. What’s not so great is when businesses make environmental marketing claims that can be misleading, or utterly false.  The intent of … Read More

Sustaining Sustainability

A recent article from the New York Times deals with the growing angst towards corporate and public entities for the misuse of the term sustainability. Author Michael Pollen comments, “The word “sustainability” has gotten such a workout lately that the … Read More

The Term Organic Banned

What can I say? When we are right we are right! When we first recognized green hot we knew it would grow quickly but I don’t think anyone truly understood how fast. We soon had to create a separate category … Read More

Hillary Clinton is ready for your nuts.

But seriously, she is. Other than being smeared all over the news, the Hillary Nut Cracker has been listed as a must have for the holiday season. What I find funny about it, beyond who and what it is, is … Read More

Jay-Z is signaling a recession… on MTV.

Jay Z isn't only back but he's got a new album, and as we all know, a new album means new videos. His  latest entry in the world of music videos is titled "Blue Magic", which features the Z flashing … Read More

Ethanol Plant Resistance

We all know that Ethanol is the fuel of the future, but how would you feel if a large fuel plant was to be built in your backyard? This next-generation fuel is being hit hard by opposition in cities across … Read More

NYTO American Comfort Quilt

The American comfort quilt by NYTO is an interesting take on corporate hating because they have glorified the brands that people love to hate. NYTO is a collaboration between joel yatscoff and bradley price in the press release they state … Read More

bad additives

Talk about brainwash, cartoon characters and the like are placed on food packaging geered towards kids, disguising the fact that these foods are so chemically enhanced that they are causing hyper-activity in children. Last month, a Southampton University study warned … Read More

Black Gold

Finally a stand for the little guys, the coffee growers in Ethiopia have been impoverished and taken advantage of for too long and one man is taking it upon himself to expose the bad guys in this multi-billion dollar industry. … Read More