Improv Everywhere

The world is made up of all kinds of families, biological and otherwise. WE ARE FAMILY does too. The truth to it is comfort through identification with something that’s part of us. For the people associated with Improv Everywhere that … Read More

New Blood: Babies Born Into Gangs, Trouble Ahead

Oh what a cute little “blood stain”.  Normally that phrase wouldn’t make sense at all. But if you are a member of a gang, phrases like that are more common than you would think. More and more often recruitment into … Read More

Colorsplash Chakras Party

 Being an artist myself I know how strong the connection is between us artists. There is an unspoken bond that ties all artists together. That bond gets tighter depending on the degree of similarity between the artists. Meaning I will … Read More

Urban Family Planning

There is definitely an element of family that people who live in the same city share. Much like our own families, a family of people from a common city have their differences, their similarities, shared joys and tragedies and even … Read More

Crowd Funding and Managing

An innovative business model has emerged in multiple industries. To raise money, these businesses launch campaigns to recruit thousands of “owner managers.” At a price tag of $50, the “owner managers” will have a say in almost all business operations … Read More

Broadcast Him: Jesus 2.0

Beyond the pew and pulpit, there is an emerging world of Jesus Fandom. For those who are interested, being Christian has a new pop culture anchor, GodTube. Yes, I wrote GodTube, and as the British paper The Guardian put it, … Read More

Wii Fit Launches

With the launch of Wii Fit this week, thousands of American families are going to go the next step in the evolution of “everyone can play” gaming. We’ve featured Super Mario Galaxy in We Are Family for its addition of … Read More

XP Nostalgia

Windows Vista operating system has received even less fanfare and more criticism than usual for a Microsoft release. The operating system has been noted for being larger, slower, less compatible, and frustratingly buggy. Gains in usage of Apple’s OS and … Read More

The Post Punk Kitchen: Brooklyn Based Public Access Vegan Cooking Show

New York has been and probably always will be the center of the universe of cool. We have just discovered a new planet in the Burough/Galaxy known as Brooklyn. Post Punk Kitchen is Brooklyn's fastest growing vegetarian punk rock cooking … Read More

Straight Edge and Poison Free Movement Grows

"Inside Straight Edge" is a powerful hourlong documentary that aired on the National Geographic Channel. It explored the two faces of this growing youth culture: 1. positive, tight-knit communities that try to set an example through abstinence; and 2.more militant … Read More