Time to Decaffeinate the Soap

I love my caffeine, I am probably ever on the cusp of caffeine intoxication. Still, it seems that the point of ridiculousness has been surpassed to the point that you would have to look in a magnifying rear-view mirror to … Read More

Why Your More Addicted To Gossip Than Amy Winehouse is to Crack

Do you find yourself helplessly drawn to the gossip blogs? Are you unable to resist listening in on the latest dirt on your coworkers?Don’t worry your not alone, and in fact, scientists are beginning to believe that gossip may have … Read More

Texas Homecoming Queen

A couple of the things likely to bring a sneer to a good cynic’s face are homecoming queens and….Texas. It’s said that a cynic is just an optimist hiding in pessimist’s clothing. We are obviously living in times when hope … Read More

Half-Way House Creates Vertical Garden

  "It brings us together as a group, kind of like therapy, to see something growing and flourishing." That’s what one half-way house member at Rainbow Apartments in Los Angeles had to say about their inspiring project. After two years … Read More

Design Mom

Mothers have been making things forever-for their kids, for their families, for Christmas presents-everything. It’s what Moms do. Design Mom, a website built by Moms for Moms, has taken that to the next level: It is actually bridging the gap … Read More

Lesbian Housing Development

So much for some lesbians wanting to just blend in.  If being a homosexual is just merely a characteristic that doesn't necessarily define a person, it's a characteristic that does defines her, in this case, for purchasing a house in … Read More

Afternoon Boogie Down

If you’re a club regular, about two in the morning with the whole place rockin’, it can feel just like family. So why not share that feeling (sans the drinking and flirting) with your baby or toddler at two in the afternoon? … Read More

Six Degrees of Separation: Microsoft Proves Theory

A recent study by software superpower Microsoft reveals how closely connected humanity truly is. Though the analysis of 30 billion text messages sent by 240 million individuals Microsoft researchers determined that any two persons on the planet can be connected … Read More

Serbia Moves Closer To European Acceptance

  Serbia's long overdue apprehension of suspected war criminal Radovan Karadzic could become an example of how the power of belonging could change international relations. In earlier talks between ministers from Serbia and the EU it was made quite clear … Read More

Literary Tattoo Community

When you think about We Are Family, you probably don’t normally think of tattoos, let alone communities of people with specific tattoo interests. Contrariwise is a group of tattoo enthusiasts who also share a love of literature. All of the … Read More