M-Commerce: We Want It, But Don’t Trust It

I came across this survey that Mobio Identity Systems has conducted, and it revealed some pretty interesting statistics.  A whopping 94% of all North Americans would complete payments through their mobile phones if they were sure of systems security. People … Read More

Marketing Predictions Video Pushes People’s Buttons

I almost posted this video under Corporate Hating™ because of the “comment rage” this video has drawn.  But I’m putting in Virtual Merge™ because despite of the way it has been presented, I think it has valid points to make … Read More

Being There: Robotic Remote Workers

As a remote worker this lil’ fella really appealed to me!!  I wanna be “Robot Sally” roaming around the office!! As many positives there are for working remotely, one thing I really miss is the interaction with my workmates.  Well, … Read More

Angry Birds, The Real Game

Coming out in May, this affordable toy is aimed at kids and adults alike and could be a great platform for other virtual games to become adapted to real world counterparts (Castle Crashers anyone?) … Read More

Rapt With This Wrapping

I might have a hard time deciding what to get people as Christmas presents but this wrapping paper is awesome!  If they are disappointed with what inside their present, then they can have fun with this great example of Virtual … Read More

New Touchscreem MMO App is the future

So I’m not sure how many people out there have read “Daemon or “Freedom” by Daniel Suarez but this new gaming App for the iPhone from Finnish Developer Grey Area is similar enough to make me anxious for real world … Read More

Social Networking as The New Retail Model

Crowdsourced Cuisine at it’s best. … Read More

I’m here, reward me!

The location-based social networking trend may turn into a craze if this keeps up. Starbucks recently ran the first-ever nationwide “mayor special” through a foursquare loyalty program. Foursquare, if you don’t know, is a location-based startup that gives you the opportunity to “check in” at venues using your mobile device and keeps track of where you’ve visited. … Read More

Media Addiction in an Age of Technological Immersion

Social Media is the new Television. … Read More

Science is the New Punk Scene

So researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Philadelphia have developed a brain implant made partially from silk that that melts into place on the brain’s surface like a smooth, outer skin. … Read More