Steal Movies, Get Free Tickets

As sad as it is that this sounds like something that the offbeat internet meme “advice dog” would say, it’s actually happened. Recently a woman named Amanda posted a tweet on Twitter about not being able to find an illegal … Read More

To Thy Digital Self Be True

Is it possible we care more about our sleepless, ever-present virtual selves than our real ones? There are moments after I put up a Tweet on Twitter that I realize I should probably go back and delete it, simply because it’s either really rude or would make people question my morals and key choice of colorful words. … Read More

Don’t Move the Mouse and Win a Car

You’re probably aware of those competitions   where a dozen or so people lay their hand on a new car and whoever can stand the aching legs, battle their inner demons & the mind games of the others to last the … Read More

Remote Impact

We’ve been waiting for this, physical impact virtual gaming. Wii better get on it, lashing at thin air is about as entertaining as it is long to get any real physical exhaustion from doing so. Putting all other virtual fitness … Read More

Cartoon Network Rickrolls America

In case you guys haven’t followed the Rickroll phenomenon, here’s a little backstory. What started out as a joke on internet forms of linking people to a video of Rick Astley  singing “Never Gonna Give You Up”. This eventually became … Read More

Brother can you spare a…

  Those creative Nigerians and I’m sure spammers of nearly every nationality, have moved on to the social networking sites and posing as ‘friends’ from that network having some sort of emergency and needing a bailout. I guess the email … Read More

Facebook™ Party Stops Before It Starts

Recently a beach party planned on Facebook became so huge, it set alarm bells off in the town of Torbay, Devon in the U.K. before it even happened. Described as a “Night of Mayhem” on the invitation, the number of potential party-goers reached over 7,000, and drew the attention of the local police. … Read More

It’s No Game

Since the advent of massive multiplayer online role playing games in the late 90’s, gaming in online communities has grown to be an international billion dollar business. But its not just the creators and programmers responsible for these types of … Read More


 Before anyone shoots me for including a bio for a singer-songwriter, let me explain why. Whether you are a fan of his music, the story of his single “I’m Yours” is a classic example of the reach of some of … Read More

Suspicious Minds

The article makes the argument that technology is making it easier to catch cheaters cheating, but I think that like with many other things in this ever accelerating world, forces in both directions are in conflict. Sure, it’s getting easier … Read More