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Microsoft’s ‘Future Home’

Microsoft’s new home of the future gets humanity that much closer to The Jetsons. The house gives us a peak into where the company plans on incorporating technology within the next 5-10 years, and lets us tell you, we felt like the first time we saw the futuristic house in the 80’s flick Total Recall –…ooooooooh….ahhhhh!


To Thy Digital Self Be True

Is it possible we care more about our sleepless, ever-present virtual selves than our real ones? There are moments after I put up a Tweet on Twitter that I realize I should probably go back and delete it, simply because it’s either really rude or would make people question my morals and key choice of colorful words.


Remote Impact

We’ve been waiting for this, physical impact virtual gaming. Wii better get on it, lashing at thin air is about as entertaining as it is long to get any real physical exhaustion from doing...