China is Well On It’s Way To Changing the World

E-reader craze could be the start of a change who’s ramifications will effect the entire world. … Read More

The Complete National Geographic

If there’s something that I’ve always loved and can remember doing often as a kid, it’s flipping through National Geographic magazines at my house. We had shelves upon shelves of the familiar yellow clad books sitting around. Probably twenty or so years worth. … Read More

QSR Codes Come to Google’s Favorite Places

We have been wondering when QSR codes are going to “mainstream” and it looks like this will be the start. … Read More

Twitter Hunts

Some of you may remember us talking about ARG’s (Alternate Reality Games) a while back. Well, here is a trend that is a lot less intense and underground but it shares the same online/real world blur that is so often seen in the Virtual Forest™. … Read More

Tweet Reward

While Twitter is still trying to find a way to make money, Dell recently reported that it made $3 million using Twitter. That isn’t a huge fortune these days, but that’s not the point. The news is how Dell connected the reality of product selling with the virtual world of social networking. … Read More

There Is a War on for The Last Frontier-The Internet

The Internets March to War! … Read More

Augmented Reality Camera Video Game

Probably not the best idea to roam around the streets staring into your Dsi handheld gaming system –weird stares from bystanders could be the least of your problems should you get hit by an oncoming UPS truck. The idea of … Read More

Maps of the Fallen

On Memorial Day, Google engineer Sean Askay released the “Map of the Fallen”, an Interactive map that uses Google Earth 5.0 to show the locations of the birth and death of each of the 5700 US servicemen and women that … Read More

Microsoft’s ‘Future Home’

Microsoft’s new home of the future gets humanity that much closer to The Jetsons. The house gives us a peak into where the company plans on incorporating technology within the next 5-10 years, and lets us tell you, we felt like the first time we saw the futuristic house in the 80’s flick Total Recall –…ooooooooh….ahhhhh! … Read More

Adobe App. Pillows

Can I just say how in love I am with these? I’m sure we’re all well aware I’m a huge geek so just give me my moment in the sun (while laying on a Photoshop pillow dreaming about brush sets of course!). Brandalizm™ and Virtual Forest™ in one comfy little package. … Read More