November POV

Think of it like Public Access Cable for Generation Y. This “dirtnet” could be the first step toward a more organic Internet—a more analog version of the Darknet, the part of the web that is not searchable. It’s free from security of any kind and is the ultimate underground filesharing network. Instead of trying to fight the organizations and the law, we would just cut them out all together. … Read More

MyFace and SpaceBook?

Apparently the ever popular Facebook and the flailing, oh-god-help-me-I’m-not-quite-dead-yet MySpace are doing a joint announcement today (according to an invitation mashable received) With MySpace’s recent rebrand and shift towards the entertainment end of things, one has to wonder if MySpace … Read More

The Breathtaking Speed Of Web Sharing

As a professional web surfer I see firsthand on a daily basis how quickly information, trends, memes, etc whizz around the globe. This awesome presentation from Geek Comedian Tom Scott really succeeds in putting that into perspective. … Read More

OldSpice does Social Marketing right.

A Man’s Man. Man. … Read More

Facebooking Vacation Home

Have a vacation home you’d like to rent? Looking to rent one from someone you can trust? Facebook is making it easy with its new application from … Read More

Don’t Hate The Player OR The Game…

Japan isn’t afraid of technology. If you’ve watched any Japanese TV then you know they also aren’t afraid of trying new things. So I wasn’t really surprised when I read that McDonald’s Japan are about to start a training program that uses the Nintendo DS. … Read More

Google Streetview: All the World is a Stage

In our increasingly digital world, applications like Google Maps and Street View are ripe ground for expression, and have the advantage of being able to be viewed by over 1 billion persons, and growing. … Read More

China is Well On It’s Way To Changing the World

E-reader craze could be the start of a change who’s ramifications will effect the entire world. … Read More

The Complete National Geographic

If there’s something that I’ve always loved and can remember doing often as a kid, it’s flipping through National Geographic magazines at my house. We had shelves upon shelves of the familiar yellow clad books sitting around. Probably twenty or so years worth. … Read More

QSR Codes Come to Google’s Favorite Places

We have been wondering when QSR codes are going to “mainstream” and it looks like this will be the start. … Read More