Google to Track Everything

Google's plans of world domination continue. Now they will let you tag everything you want, from your dog to a book to your cellphone to your car keys, and have it controlled at all times using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). … Read More

I hope you all remember how to hold aggro.

Before I heard this story, I thought the night I woke up out of a nightmare screaming "Refresh isn't ready yet!" was the closest tie to reality an MMORPG can have. In Norway, a young boy and his sister were … Read More

Third Screen Stats

  I stumbled across a website called Third Screen Media and found some interesting stats:  60% of the audience on the TSM|Network accesses the Internet at least once per day. 48% access more than 2x per day. 30% access 3 … Read More

Busted by Facebook

Increasingly, the 30something bosses of naive recent college grads are proving adept at turning the social network against its earliest adopters. Kevin Colvin, an intern at Anglo Irish Bank's North American arm, was busted when he told his manager, Paul … Read More

Microsoft and Google War, Social Networking Sites are the Battlefields

Microsoft and google are engaged in a war. Social networking sites are the battlefields. Advert revenues are the treasure and booty. Microsoft spent a quarter of a billion dollars for 1.6% stake in Facebook. Clearly the folks over at Microsoft … Read More

dating do’s

play second life with your brain

Cult of the Amateur is a broadside attack on Web 2.0

Bank Failure in Second Life Leads to Calls for Regulation

Record Making on Public Display, in a Park, in a Glass Bubble