Fox to Stream Premieres Online

Fox's most anticipated shows this fall, Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles and Fringe, will be premiering online simultaneously, but only for college students. You'll have to log on to from a .edu college based domain email address in order to catch … Read More

Inflation May Be Key For Boosting Church Attendance in Italy

Adriatic Coast, Italy:What do you do when your congregation can’t make it to mass because they are on holiday? You bring the church to them! This inflatable church is a great example of  Pop-up Culture and is the latest strategy … Read More

Urgent Burgers

If you’ve never had an In-N-Out Burger® this may be a little hard to believe. It seems the fashionably popular burger and fries joint is attracting so many fans, people are taking the free shuttle from LAX to a nearby In-N-Out Burger location then heading back to catch their delayed flights. … Read More

Toilet’s pop up in an area near you.

    I spent some considerable time in NYC last year, and without a doubt hands down the biggest nusance in exploring the big apple wasn't the smelly subways, the crowded noisy streets, nor  the constant peddlers or homeless bums … Read More


Lionsgate Entertainment is trying their hand at viral marketing for their adaptation of Will Eisner’s “The Spirit.” Instead of taking a page from The Dark Knight’s playbook though and using everything from ARGs, election vans and Joker-created riddles, they’ve elected … Read More

Time Takes New Shape in Future

The watch has become more of a luxury item or fashion accessory  in the era of  the cellular phone.  In an effort to rethink traditional time piece design and celebrate Timex's 150th year, Timex and Core 77 cosponsored a global … Read More

The NY Times Drags its Feet into Social Networking

Venerable news agency the New York Times is jumping on the social networking bandwagon, but they are only dipping one foot in the water. The Firefox application TimesPeople operates in a fashion similar to Digg and Facebook, allowing the creation … Read More

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s… Eddie Murphy’s Giant Head?

We've been seeing a lot of giant faces lately in Pop-Up Lifestyle, from the giant Noodle Slurpers to the Mouth Tunnels, but we've yet to see something like this. As a way to promote his new movie Meeting Dave, a … Read More

All Your Caulking Needs

Newly designed packaging may make a common tool obsolete. General Electric’s new Caulk Singles completely eliminate the need for a caulking gun. Each caulk container doubles as a dispenser. If the packages function as promised, those who already own traditional … Read More

Pizza Hut Shortcut

Instant gratification. Is there anything better? In the digital age we're getting pretty dependant on it for the little things in life, but also for some things that fringe away from little, like email and text messages, to food ordering … Read More