Zipholder: The Godsend for Stress Eaters

Ok, we all know that stress eating sucks, and that nobody wants to put on the weight because that means a downward spiral will slowly begin. First the jeans are tight, then they don’t fully zip-but still button, and finally they just aren’t working out at all. And then comes the dreadful and depressing checkmate into chubby land, the next size up. … Read More

Speech Therapy “On-the-Go”

Speech therapy takes time and effort…rare commodities these days. So being able to train on the go is music to many people’s ears. Hollins Communications Research Institute have developed an iPhone application which lets stutterers measure their fluency. You can … Read More

EDAR: Everyone Deserves a Roof

The idea of Pop-Up Architecture is beginning to grow. Constantly changing economic, political and environmental scenarios are increasing demand for instant solutions that provide shelter and work space for individuals whom, because of forces outside of their control, traditional architectural … Read More

Sexual Patients Get Health Clinic Test Results By Text

Patients at the Ambrose King Sexual Health Clinic on London are choosing to be informed of their sexually transmitted disease test results via text message. And who could blame them, what previously took weeks of anxious waiting to receive results … Read More

Jackpot! Play a game, catch a criminal!

Remember when the U.S. military developed a set of Iraqi most wanted playing cards to help troops identify members of President Saddam Hussein’s government? Well a Japanese firm has taken the idea of exposing and familiarizing criminals to others in … Read More

Christian “Rock Band” Alternative

Piggy-backing off the popularity of  video game "Rock Band" , a company called Digital Praise has released a Christian Rock version of the title. The game costs $100 and includes a wireless guitar controller. There are several differences beyond the … Read More

Obama Buys Billboard Space in Xbox 360 Game

Obama is not the first candidate to use the power of the virtual world to promote their campaign, but he is the first viable candidate for president to purchase advertising space inside a video game. EA sports has confirmed that … Read More


  Ever tried to set up a tent in the dark? Or just fought one that won’t cooperate or seems to have black-holed a peg or pole since you last used it? Well, this won’t solve all your problems and … Read More


Is this just another thing to get all the techno-nerds out there salivating? That would be a yes, of course, but this might be the beginning of a major sea-change in how all our paperwork is handled. Sure, plenty of … Read More

Virtual K-12 Schools Grow in Popularity

  It's not very often we come across a piece of life evidence that encompasses several culture waves making it different to categorize. But a tight intertwining of virtual seeds, garden, forest and pop-up lifestyle is what we find prominent … Read More