I Might Not Clip… But I Will Scan!

I have written before how Target is a company that’s not afraid to try new things. So it’s not surprising that they are testing an interesting coupon phone app. This is the kind of thing I would use… as much I appreciate a bargain but am not going to sit ‘n’ clip. … Read More

Will It Be Hip To Use “SQUARE”?

YAY!!! An easier way to spend the money I don’t have!!! … Read More

Roaming Hunger

Over the past two years, the street food scene has seemingly exploded in major cities. With everything from taco trucks to cupcake vans, the mobile restaurant movement has been on the rise ever since the word gourmet was attached to taco. … Read More

FWD: “Have you seen this one yet?”

Mashable did an article on successful viral vids which I thought was really cool. While watching “All the Single Babies” one more time for old times sake…. the blogger’s comment about it struck me. … Read More

BEHOLD! The Answer to the Digital Music Dilemma!

Industrial Metal act Static-X is offering a unique way for you to remember their concert: Take it home with you. … Read More

Pop Up Bike Station

So for my job I search the length and breadth of the World Wide Web to find interesting innovations and I couldn’t help but feel a rush of pride when I saw my old alumni mentioned in this article.

The first Green Pod is now being used at my old stomping ground of Queensland University of Technology’s Kelvin Grove campus. It’s a great eco friendly facility for bicyclist commuters. … Read More

Alice Takes On Wally

As manufacturers create their own private label brands to compete for frugal consumers in the recession laden economy, national brands have to look for other options to reach consumers. One such option is Alice.com. A newly launched internet startup that, … Read More

Face-To-Face Phone

Not long ago, Skype™ introduced its real-time face-to-face communication for mobile phones. If you don’t know what that means, it means you will be able to have live visual conversations with anyone around the world who has Skype, for the cost of a “local” cell phone call… … Read More

Got You Covered!

Brands aren’t the only ones trying to intersect consumers in their comfort zones, not when consumers are there to help maximize convenience on behalf of their friends. We all have the sweetest intentions of visiting family and friends that live … Read More

Zipholder: The Godsend for Stress Eaters

Ok, we all know that stress eating sucks, and that nobody wants to put on the weight because that means a downward spiral will slowly begin. First the jeans are tight, then they don’t fully zip-but still button, and finally they just aren’t working out at all. And then comes the dreadful and depressing checkmate into chubby land, the next size up. … Read More