Roqbot: The New Jukebox?

What CAN’T we do with our smartphones these days?? I just heard about a new app that makes standing at a jukebox and pouring through heaps of outdated songs… a thing of the past. Roqbot; has just launched in participating … Read More

Skipping The Line On Your Lunch Break

I knew it would be a large number but a whopping 75 percent of office workers eat lunch at their desks as often as two or three times a week.  From my experience, it’s usually about having a big work … Read More

Condoms & Sex Toys That Come To You

I was originally thinking of this for the Barely Legal™ wave since it involves condoms and sex toys, but then I realized on a deeper level it’s about HOW & WHERE the products are meeting the consumer. We all know … Read More

Food Truck Chow Down

I am lucky enough to arrive in LA in time for the first annual Food Truck Chow Down! “The Innaugural Annual Food Truck Chow Down is Los Angeles’ biggest foodtruck spectacular that will showcase over 50 of LA’s best foodtrucks … Read More

Jack In The Box Launches A Food Truck

Pop Up Lifestyle™ has been tracking the food van trend for many quarters now and it’s still going strong.  You know a trend has hit the mainstream when a major QSR jumps on board. Well, burger and taco joint Jack … Read More

Reality is the New Escapism

Are you a gamer? Chances are you’ll say no. Have you ever played FarmVille? How about Mafia Wars or any other game on Facebook? Chances are, you’ll say yes. If you have, then you are being counted among the millions … Read More

Sears extends the “pop-up” concept

With all the hoopla (yeah that’s right, I said “hoopla.” I got tired of “hype”) surrounding pop up stores and store concepts it’s easy to forget where they came from. Pop up stores have their roots in food trucks; mobile businesses that go directly to their customers and fill a niche in the food world. … Read More

Hi-Tech Multi-Tasking Mirror

Pop Up Lifestyle™ says “Meet me where I am” and quite often that means having products and services convenient to you when you are out and about.

Well the Cybertecture® Mirror meets you when you’re getting ready to go out. … Read More

On-the-Go Gravy

You thought you were pretty proud of those pounds you’d lost, and then, just when you didn’t expect it, there it was—a Bob Evans sausage gravy dispenser right there next to some Bob Evens biscuits. … Read More

Wow, Something That Works ANYWAY®

I hate waste! I’m the kind of person who will always find the quickest route anywhere or keep the peanut butter until every last skerrick has been eked out of the jar. So, here is a great design innovation that really appeals to me. … Read More