Climbing Ivy Reveals Secret Superglue

Researchers at the University of Tennessee have turned to the world’s largest pool of research and development and found a powerful “new” adhesive. The R&D was done via millions of years of evolutionary meandering and perfected in the humble ivy … Read More

Nothing says Banana like Banana

    This banana juice box comes to us from Japan. Designed by product designer Naoto Fukasawa, this is an interesting use of Green Echo. Through the incorporation of the natural form of a banana into the packaging design, this juice … Read More

Sushi Grade Earrings

When you think about all the waves that we track, GREEN ECHO is definately one of the cooler ones. Just the idea of mimicking nature is in itself a pretty fun one. First let me begin by saying that I … Read More

The Flight of the Jellyfish

The Festo Air Jelly is an amazing and beautiful example of Green Echo. To appreciate this engineering marvel you really must watch the video of the “Air Jelly” in flight. “Air Jelly” is a remote controlled, helium filled craft that … Read More

Grow Your Own Lighting

The “Branch Light” by designer Michail Kamarov encourages you to grow your own lighting. This Eastern European design comes to us via Yanko,  a top internet design forum. You can customize the Branch Light to suit your lighting needs or … Read More

Natural Inspiration: Supernatural Design

Sister act, Kate and Laura Mulleavy, showed up in New York with a handful of dresses in 2005 and soon landed themselves their first fashion show. They immediately rose to the top of their profession and have continued to stun … Read More

Bringing out the Animal Within

Julia Lohmann, of Hildesheim, Germany, will be one of four young designers honored with the 2008 “ Designers of the Future Award”. Lohmann’s work attempts to make us more aware of the amount of animal based products that surround, and … Read More

The Intimate Nature of “Living Architectures”

  The new film series,” Living Architectures”, by Illa Beka and Louise Lemoine, paints an intimate portrait of the “lives” of three architectural masterpieces. The three part series explores three distinct architectural masterpieces; Rem Koolhaas’s Maison à Bordeaux, Rome and … Read More

Machines That Grow

 One of the things that most organisms do is grow without much outside assistance. New for Green Echo, is a lamp made by Nadine Sterk, on display at the Design Huis in Eindhoven, that does exactly that. The concept piece … Read More

GIY: Grow it Yourself Structures

  Most of us have seen examples of gardeners shaping plants or shrubs into sculpture, or instances of where a plants form is slowly manipulated by humans, such as a Bonsai tree. Plantare, is an international company that is interested … Read More