Water Walking Robots

A joint research project by French and British scientists has made valuable discoveries based on insects called water striders. The long flexible legs of the water strider that allow it to run across the surface of water are always, proportional … Read More

Nano Tracking

A new bit of nanotechnology will soon be aiding criminal investigations into gun crime. Scientists from several British universities have collaborated to produce microscopic “nanotags”, only 30 microns across, that will adhere to the shell cartridge and casings of ammunition … Read More

The World of Tomorrow or an Expression of the Issues of Today?

Future predictions can almost automatically be put in the category of pre-meditated ridicule but we still find the current human truths and observations behind them fascinating. There are many interesting aspects of designer Kevin Judlin’s attempt to solve the design … Read More

Saving the Birds and the Bees

Hopefully, everybody reading this knows about “The Birds and the Bees”, but what you might not know is the rate at which their populations are declining due to the destruction of their natural habitat. Recognizing the need to insure biodiversity, … Read More

Genetically Modified Dessert Biofuel by Firefly Light

If you’re worried about genetically modified food, the ramifications of increasing biofuel production, global warming, and food shortages, you’re not alone. Researchers at the University of Liverpool are not just worried; they’re doing something about it. These scientists aren’t shy … Read More

Giant Birdnests!!!

Downtown Rotterdam, roughly 150 feet above the street, on the 13th floor of the Weena Tower, artist, Benjamin Verdonck has built a giant bird’s nest. The nest was built to make a statement about living conditions in the city, also … Read More

Mountain Range Coat Rack

 I should invest in a coat rack. That’s because I am the type of person who lives for fall and winter. The main reason is the fashion. Jackets, hoodies, scarves, and sweaters. That’s what makes up the majority of my … Read More

Artificial Flowers with a Purpose

Artificial plants… the staple of lazy gardeners and cemeteries across the country. Yes, they may look nice (unless it's December and there's nothing else alive, then you're fooling nobody) but there hasn't been much use for them other than just … Read More

Norway Could be Europe’s Battery

Norway and Europe find themselves even further ahead of the US in the “Green Race” with these new plans. Norway could become "Europe's battery" by developing huge sea-based wind parks costing up to $44 billion by 2025, Norway's Oil and … Read More

Jewelry Made from Actual Octopus

I’m not sure what’s going on with octopus lately, but they’re everywhere. From tattoos, to Japanese manga and hentai, to extreme body modifications involving subdermal suction cups, many people are strangely attracted to the octopus. For the growing legions of … Read More