No one wants to read about or blog about or have anything to do with septic tanks. I mean they’re gross and uncivilized to even think about. The problem is, they don’t work very well, and as there are millions … Read More

Diet and Addiction

Here’s a thought. Our failure rate on treating drug addiction is…ridiculous. So why aren’t we spending boatloads of cash and time trying to figure out if dietary changes can help produce changes in this outcome? Or at least a little … Read More


  That plants are able to make their own aspirin in response to environmental stress such as pollution or drought is interesting enough, but to learn that they put off the chemical signature of this medicine to possibly communicate warnings … Read More


Anyone who has paid attention in recent years has to be concerned with the state of the fishing industry on which so much of the world depends for its protein supply. With many species suffering a collapse in numbers despite … Read More

Natural Pools

Growing up around ponds and small lakes in Missouri, I have always been less than comfortable with the concrete and chlorine substitutes. I hate what the chlorine does to my eyes, skin, lungs, but more importantly, the difference between the … Read More

Human Swarming

 A very thought provoking article, I’ve always wondered about the group mentality of bees, ants, schools of fish and herds of animals. It’s cool that much of this has been figured out and is being applied to robotics, internet software … Read More

The Beak-Nosed Train

It’s a bird! It’s a train! It’s a train that looks like a bird! Taking its cues from nature, the nose cone of Japan’s 500 Series Shrinkansen bullet train is modeled after a kingfisher’s beak. … Read More

Plants Provide Energy

Scientists are slowly but surely figuring out how to utilize photosynthesis to create alternative fuels and power sources. Using a chemical involved in photosynthesis called Manganese as well as a synthetic membrane they’ve developed to mimic a plant, they split … Read More

Digital Eye Cameras

The newest technology in digital camera design is based on the human eye and has led to a novel process to produce what is called stretchable optoelectronics. This technology offers the promise of artificial retinas in the near future. The … Read More

Botanical Nature

Adding a natural element to a design not only makes it more visually appealing, it can become symbolic and establish a product’s connection with nature.  Benjamin Hubert’s Botanical Martini glass has received the runner up prize in the UK Bombay … Read More