The i:wing Fan

Several recent advancements in technology and design have come out of things based on nature, from glue based on how ivy hangs to bullet trains based on the precision of a bird. … Read More

Surface Heal Thyself

Wouldn’t it be amazing if our machines and gadgets had the same ability to heal themselves that we do?

Research funded by Volkswagon may scratch the surface of such technologies. … Read More

Getting Back to Nature

Are you stressed? Anxious? Disconnected? Depressed? Do you really want to go sit on a couch in a dark office and talk about your problems? Whah whah….psychologists are beginning to recognize that some of this issues could be relieved by simply getting back to nature. … Read More

Regrowth of Human Limbs

Sounds like something from some sci fi program doesn’t it? Its not all sci-fi hocus pocus though as scientists are looking to replicate the same regenerative process found in the Mexican salamander—in humans. Nothing like going to nature for natural … Read More

From Cow Dung to Solid Bricks

Green echo is particularly a favorite wave of ours, if not for its simplicity then always for its ingenuity. The products and life evidence we find in this wave are constantly those that imitate a natural design or truly incorporate real nature as the design itself. … Read More

Digging in the Dirt: Permaculture Down Under

We find a lot of rarified design concepts in Green Echo like the swordfish inspired motorcycle or octopus beanbag, but taking nature’s cues can be a lot more down to earth. It helps to see GREEN ECHO evidence as a … Read More

Wood is Hot

If you like the earthiness of wood paneling, you’ll want to rub your hand over this. It’s a computer totally encased in beautiful wood. Eazo’s new Z70 line (not exactly a Green Echo name) isn’t as flashy as its crystalline counterparts… … Read More

A Creative Room Inspires Creative Thoughts

Do you have a creative space in your office? Maybe your office is ALL a “creative space” – lucky you! But that’s not often the case. Here’s an example of a company that must believe that decor influences the tone … Read More

Natural Year Phone

Not really sure what to make of this phone. As one blogger pointed while reviewing the device, it’s really not very practical considering the abuse cell phones go through in everyday use. However, the effort is commendable as it took … Read More

From Bees to Tires

    It didn’t take long for designers to find an answer to a long enduring problem for the military: shot up flat tires on bulletproof armored vehicles. The military was previously using the Humvee “run flat” tires, but even … Read More