Baby Smash

If, like me, you have young children who you love to encourage on the computer, but fear their touch of destruction, you’re in luck. A new bit of software, designed by a similarly frustrated father, protects your PC from the … Read More

The Old Timer’s Machine

What a fun example of aging up! This website takes the idea of Puricute and other photo manipulation flash sites and adds a fun new twist. It makes you look old. Everything from the granny wig to war medals, you … Read More

High School Reunion

Ok, so it's 1987, you're going to J.J. Pearce High School in Dallas, and life rocks. Well unless you were unpopular, a nerd, a loser, the band geek, or any other high school stereotype. So, we flash forward to late … Read More

She’s Got The Look

TV Land has really been on the ball with this new concept of shows for people between 35 and 50, and the newest addition is a show called “She’s Got the Look”, which takes women over 35 who are insanely … Read More

Clubs Boom with Boomers

The oldest boomers are now in their sixties, but they’re still going strong. The consumer research company BIGresearch estimates that 15% of boomers regularly frequent nightclubs and 65% routinely dine out. Considering the typically larger pocketbooks of boomers compared to … Read More

I Want to Do What Daddy Does

Children’s toys have always reflected and trained kids for the occupations and lifestyles of the adults and society around them. After all, what are play and toys, but attempts to orient children in the world in which they are born. … Read More

Brave Enough to Push the Red Button?

Everyone loves to feel like a kid again, and what better place to momentarily "regress" than at your work desk?  Regress away your stress with the Doomsday Device USB Hub.  In order to arm the Device, you have to carefully … Read More

Helping the Elderly Help Themselves

Nobody likes losing his or her independence. The elderly are famous for stubbornly refusing help from friends or family for fear that they will be considered a “burden” or “helpless”. While this is in some ways admirable, it can often … Read More

40 is the new target.

Move over Boomers, there's a new demographic audience making some headway in the entertainment industry. TV Land has recently announced that it wants to be "The place for 40-year olds on TV". That's right, we're talking the step under the … Read More

Terror Toys

We've all heard the phrase "kid's grow up so fast these days". Well with toys like these it's no wonder.  Playmobil is making toys for the world our little tykes are inheriting.  DVR is also about the young acting older … Read More